My Top 5 Favorite Kpop Songs ♥ 2016 Playlist

My Favorite 2016 Songs
Every year I post an epic playlist with all of my favorite Kpop songs from that year. This year I wanted to do something more instead of just sharing a playlist with 100 songs. That's why this time I'm not only posting a playlist but I'm also sharing my top 5 songs of 2016 and why they made my 2016 an amazing year. Even if you don't fancy Kpop I think you should at least give these songs a chance. Enjoy!

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BASTARZ - Selfish + Beautiful Girl
When BASTARZ announced they were coming back with a new mini album in 2016 I freaked! Zero For Conduct was one of my favorite songs of 2015 so my exceptions were raised high. But when I first heard Selfish + Beautiful Girl I was so disappointed with it! It just didn't live up to the hype of BASTARZ first single. However, after a couple more listens I became obsessed with this song! I even had it on loop for a whole week! Having a song on loop from me is a huge deal because I don't do it often. Make It Rain was also a great song but I loved this song one more.

SISTAR - One More Day
This song by SISTAR came out of nowhere! In my opinion it's even better then their summer release, I Like That. The video is also very well done.

Boys24 - E
I honestly have no idea who Boys24 are (I think they're from a song competition show? Idk) nor how I found this song but boy am I glad I did! This song is so freaking catchy!

Twice - Cheer Up
Cheer Up was my favorite song by Twice this year. I did enjoy TT as well but it took a while for me to like it unlike Cheer Up which only took one listen for me to love it! So far Twice has really impressed me with all of their releases. I haven't hated a song by them yet but I know it will happen (It happened with Red Velvet's One Of These Nights). I'm also curious as to which girl group is your favorite between Red Velvet, Twice and Black Pink or do you have another favorite girl group?

B.A.P - Confession
Out of all the songs I listened to in 2016 Confession by B.A.P is hands down my favorite! This song has been on loop ever since I heard it. It's from B.A.P's latest album Noir. The song highlight's Bang Yong Guk and Zelo rap skills. Speaking of which, when did Zelo's voice get that deep! I still remember when he was the youngest kid in Kpop!

What are your favorite songs from 2016?

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