Me To Me Box ♥ Memebox Unboxing

Me To Me Box Memebox Unboxing
Yesterday was a very exciting mail day for me because I received a Memebox order! I only ordered two things, one being the Me to Me Box. Since I've unboxed many Memebox boxes (links ro previous boxes down below) I decided I would continue and show you what's inside the Me to Me box.

The Me to Me Box is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for YOURSELF! Yes! A box for yourself to yourself packed with a bunch goodies your can unwind with. The box is $35 ($59 value) contains 19 masks (18 sheet masks and a modeling mask), 2 snacks and an adorable notebook. I blindly bought this box, meaning that I only knew a couple things I was getting so a majority of the box was a complete surprise!

Me To Me Box Memebox Unboxing
23 Years Old Rose Gold 24k Sheet Mask
Treat yourself to this 24k Gold mask, enriched with Rose extracts to brighten and revitalize the skin.

Bonvivant Botantical Mask Pack Clarifying + Hydrating Rose
This mask features Damask Rose Water that hydrates, brightens, and clarifies the complexion.

Jayjun Rose Blossom Mask
Your skin will blossom with this softening and brightening Rose Water sheet mask.

I've tried tons of rose masks and a couple gold masks but a rose gold mask? Sounds luxurious!

Me To Me Box Memebox Unboxing
Holika Holika Strawberry Pure Essence Mask
This mask moisturizes dull skin, leaving your complexion glowing.

Holika Holika Damask Rose Pure Essence Mask
This mask hydrates dry skin, leaving your complexion silky and radiant.

Holika Holika Pearl Pure Essence Mask
This mask evens out and brightens skin tone while revitalizing the complexion.

Me To Me Box Memebox Unboxing
Botanic Farm Rose Natural Energy Mask Sheet
This mask helps prevent sun damage and tighten pores, all with a rosy aroma.

Hello Kitty 3D Character Sheet Mask: Anti-Wrinkle
This cellulose sheet mask is drenched in a premium essence with anti-wrinkle benefits.

Botantical Pure Mask Pack #Sodium Hyaluronate + Lotus
This mask restores tired and dry skin with Lotus Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate.

I'm most excited to try the Hello Kitty mask! I've only tried a few character masks (tbh I find most of them creepy) but from what I hear most of the those masks are just gimmicks and the masks aren't the best quality. Would you like for me to review it for you guys?

Me To Me Box Memebox Unboxing
Goji Water Rubber Mask
This next-level modeling mask, rich in antioxidants from Goji Berries, hydrates and protects skin.

I've never tried a modeling mask before so I'm very curious to see how this one will turn out. The pack comes with a tray, dry powder, solution and a spatula to stir everything together. You are suppose to peel this one off which scares me because I hate peel off masks because they tug on your hair and are annoying to take off if not placed properly.

Me To Me Box Memebox Unboxing
Memebox Fever Frenzy Notebook
Got thoughts? Jot 'em down in this too-cute-for-words hardcover notebook!

Lotte Ghana Milk Chocolate
This chocolate, straight from the Motherland, is the perfect mix of sweet milk chocolate and semi-sweet cocoa.

Lotte Double Dip Pepero Strawberry
Dip it low! Everyone's fave Pepero snack is now twice as tasty with double dips of chocolate. Yass!

What I love about these sets is that it contains my three favorite things sheet masks, stationery, and snacks. I seen the chocolate bar and notebook on the Memebox before but I'm excited to use finally be able to use them! The notebook has a Lisa Frank style going on. I love how they Incorporated Kbeauty themed designs on the notebook! The Pony as in Pony Effect (it even has the logo)! Also the snail and bee to represent skincare beauty products and my favorite the Missha sun essence! Who ever designed this notebook put in so many little details that only Kbeauty addicts would understand.

Me To Me Box Memebox Unboxing
I was really surprised to see that the notebook had dotted pages! I wasn't expecting that at all! I know what I will be using as my next bullet journal!

Me To Me Box Memebox Unboxing
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