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Tsum Tsum Haul ♥ Aristocats, A Bugs Life & Chicago Set

Tsum Tsum Haul
In February, my collection expanded a lot because I bought a couple of new Tsum Tsums so I had to share my recent additions to my Tsum Tsum collection with you guys. Let's take a look at my newest Tsum Tsum buddies!

Tsum Tsum Haul
Tsum Tsum Haul
Tsum Tsum Haul
Disney released a slew of city-themed Tsum Tsums and of course I had to get the Chicago Tsum Tsums because I was born there. I love how Minnie and Mickey are dressed up as food. The details on Minnie's costume are so cute! I also love the subway box the Tsum Tsums came in it's so cute!

Tsum Tsum Haul
The Best of Pixar collection was released in February. The collection featured Tsum Tsums from WALL-E and A Bugs Life. I bought Heimlich and Dot (I wish they would've given her a crown). Heimlich is the cutest little thing!

Tsum Tsum Haul
I finally got Marie's brothers, Berlioz and Toulouse. When the Disney Store released the Aristocats collection I quickly jumped online and ordered the ones I wanted. I wanted to get Duchess but I didn't like the way she looked (why did they make her different?). I will most likely get the Japanese version instead because I want to complete the family.

Tsum Tsum Haul
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  1. Tsum Tsums are just too cute! It's going to be a painful day for my bank account when I finally started my collection 😅



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