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Weekly Edit #5

Weekly Thoughts
#1 My new favorite Youtuber person is Kenna. I've been binge-watching her videos like crazy, her videos are so aesthetically pleasing!. My favorite videos of hers are her Disney themed videos.

#2 Have you guys seen the latest Red Velvet mv? Thoughts? It's not my favorite song by them but it's not my least favorite either. I'm not a fan of the Rookie/Lookie part but the song has grown on me.

#3 I received my Me to Me Box from Memebox on Wednesday. Go check out my post on it to see what the box contains. Along with my order, I also bought the Pony Effect Lip Palette! I'm so excited to start using it! Would you guys rather see a review or first impressions on it?

#4 It's that time of the month where I can't sleep. Last night I slept at 7 in the morning! It's my fault for drinking coffee at 11 pm though. My favorites times of the day are early mornings and past midnight. If I could sleep all afternoon I would but it's not socially acceptable.

#5 This week I'm been listening to Zion T's Complex on repeat. "I'm complex in the magazine, I hate you more then you hate me"

#6 Last night I had the best idea for a candle. I'm not sure how to make this idea happen because I don't know the first thing about candle making, perhaps a new hobby?

#7 January was such a horrible start to 2017 for me. I haven't started any of my New Years goals. I got sick, the US has never felt so divided, my mental health has never felt darker, etc. Hopefully, February will be a brighter month for me.


  1. January was pretty hard, especially with all of the US politics..... but it's always possible to look on the bright side! If you get into candle making, please show us!

    1. Yeah I've been trying to stay positive. I will keep you posted if I decide to start making candles. ♥


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