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3 Years Together

Today marks our 3 year anniversary with Lucy. How we managed to get Lucy was pretty random so I thought I would tell the tale of how this lovely Pomeranian came into my life.

It was just another Sunday morning, parent's shuffling through pots and pans as they prepared their breakfast. I tend to sleep-in on the weekends so I was sound asleep when I was awoken with a knock on my door. It was my mother and she said that she had found out that there was a pair of puppies that a friend of a relative was selling via Facebook. I looked through the pictures and that's when I saw two mini puffs of joy! The only catch was that they were located in Tennessee so we had to drive there to pick them up. We quickly got ready and jumped in the car and my parents, me and younger sister made our journey to Tennessee.

Everything seemed perfect that I was waiting for something to go wrong because this was so sudden and my parents didn't really want a dog. Plus, nothing ever is this perfect in my life! Along the way, we made a quick stop at Walmart and bought some basic puppy like a carrying case, treats, toys, and a baby blanket, which Lucy still sleeps with.

After a 6-8 hour drive, we made it to our destination. There were four dogs, the parent's and Lucy's twin sister (I never found out who was younger or older). We arrived first so we had first picked (Another family was on the way to get the other puppy). The dogs were a mixed breed but they had strong Pomeranian features. One of the puppies was a light almost white blonde puppy and she was constantly following and playing with her mother (This is where Lucy gets her wild side from). Lucy's dad was calmly laying on the floor next to his owner. The other puppy was a dirty blonde with a dark nose who was hiding under the living room table, Lucy. After observing them for a couple minutes I knew I wanted Lucy because she seemed like the independent loner type, like me. Plus, I didn't want to separate the other puppy from her mother so early. We paid for the seller and they gave us some dog food and we left with Lucy.

I held Lucy in the palms of my hands for the first hour of the drive back home. She didn't whine or anything and fell asleep in my hands. I eventually placed her in the carrying case because I was afraid she would pee on me. We arrived home before midnight and she spent her first night in my room with me. That's the story of how Lucy became a member of the family! I can't believe it's been three years since this happened! Time goes by so quickly!

Do you have any pets?


  1. Wow, such a long drive! Your parents must have really wanted a pup! She is absolutely gorgeous though, so I don't blame them ☺️

    I can't have any pets where I live at the moment, but when I own my own house sometime in the future I'm going to get a kitty and a pup and treat them like royalty! I can't wait ☺️


    1. They say they never wanted a dog but I think they secretly did! I always catch them snuggling and playing with her. hehe ♥


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