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Weekly Edit #15

Weekly Thoughts
#1 Last weekend's trip to Destin, Florida was really nice. We left Friday morning and came back Sunday afternoon. It was a quick trip but it was nice to get out of town and explore a new area. We stay at a very walk-friendly area and there were lots of stores we could easily walk to. You can view a haul here. We even brought Lucy with us and stayed at a decent pet-friendly hotel. Even though I didn't go to the beach at all because I hate beaches I still had a delightful time.

#2 Whenever I go on a trip with my family for some reason I always feel really fat. I know car trips make me bloated and gross but I still feel like a whale and just cry in the bathroom as a result. I always promise myself that I'm going to work out like crazy and eat healthy when I go home but usually just end up binge eating and feel super guilty afterward.

#3 I started watching The Office whilst on our trip to Destin. I never watched The Office religiously but would watch a couple episodes from time to time. I'm excited to watch all the seasons and have a good laugh.

#4 I also started and finished 13 Reasons Why. A lot of people were talking about how sad and depressing the show was and how it made people cry. Honestly, I didn't cry but I felt very unsatisfied with the ending. There are so many unanswered questions!

#5 Lucy is in heat right now. We haven't got her spayed yet but really should because I'm tired of her leaving bloodstains all over the place.

#6 Speaking of Lucy, she peed on my pink crocheted rug. I was just about to switch out my rugs for Spring too! I guess I need to make another one.

#7 Just got my taxes done and I want to cry. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I always feel so dirty while travelling just because I can't take a long bath in my bathtube. Ugh taxes, I had to deal with them this week to, I almost got a fight with my mom because I couldn't understand what to do with them.

    1. I feel gross because I can't work out or do yoga because I'm sharing a room with my parents and sister. Don't worry I still don't understand taxes either. I hate being an adult! ♥


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