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A Day In Numbers ♥ 5/11/17

A Day In Numbers
Today I have a quick read for you guys because it's another day in numbers! I actually wanted to post another blog post today but the pictures didn't come out the way I wanted to so I scrapped that post and went with this post instead. Don't worry I will retake photos for the other post over the weekend. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this post!

7:30 am the time I wake up for work.
3 sheet masks I have left in my mask stash (any recommendations?)
24 oz of coffee is how much I've been drinking lately, not good I know!
6 photos I have posted on my Instagram. I knew I wasn't going to post every month but at least I tried!
11 items I have sold on Depop so far!
9 stuffed animals and pillows I currently have on my bed (not including Lucy, lol)
11 candles I currently have in my room. I'm trying to use them all up because I want to buy new candles. I am currently burning a Gelato scented candle from Bath and Body Works.
145 ep of The Office I am currently on.
3 tea bags I have left. I need to pick up so more tea!
9 Colourpop lip glosses I currently have displayed in my room.
32 playlists I have in my music section. I like making playlists for every month, mood, year, etc. I basically have a playlist for every situation.
38 songs I have saved in my April playlist.
2 skincare products I think are breaking me out. Not sure which one so I am testing one out at a time to see which one is irritating my skin.
90 Tsum Tsums I currently own. I ran out of room on my heart shelf so I haven't bought any recently.
3 more days until mother's day. For once I have my gift-ready!


  1. I love the idea of looking at your day in terms of numbers! I'm not usually a fan of numbers, but I'm quite interested in what mine would be like 😊


  2. I like neogen sheet masks, klairs has also a good sheet mask. I can't sell anything on Depop because it's not popular here, here usually people use vinted or szafa.pl.

    1. I will definitely check out those masks. Thanks! ♥


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