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Weekly Edit #21

Weekly Edit
#1 I think most of us can agree this week has been a crappy week for many reasons. Whenever tragic events happen I don't really address them because I know thousands of other people are thinking the same thoughts as me but they can probably word them better than me. All we can do now is be strong and think positive.

#2 SISTAR is disbanding and I'm so upset! I feel like most of the Kpop groups I was introduced to are all breaking up! I wish SISTAR would've at least made one more summer comeback before breaking up but oh well.

#3 I finally picked up the latest Popteen issue! I haven't bought any Japanese fashion magazines in months! I kept seeing this Popteen issue on my Instagram feed so I saw it as a sign. Plus, Block B's Zico is on the cover so I had to support!

#4 I started playing Clawbert. It's an adorable claw machine game. If you have nothing to do then download it! You can thank me later. :)

#5 I honestly thought this was the last week of May but no we still have one more week left! lol

#6 What I've been listening to,
Kim Lip - Eclipse
Marmello - Puppet
iKon - B-Day
Roy Kim - Egoist
Twice - Signal

#7 This post really struck a chord with me because it's exactly how I feel. As someone who has struggled with my weight since I was 10 years old this post brought me to tears because I know exactly how it feels to work out so hard and starting ridiculous diets only to see no results. I know lots of people nowadays are all about body confidence but that's easier said than done. I can't seem to love my body the way it is because I always feel uncomfortable in my skin and have even lost interest in my style because I think I won't look as good as a skinny person would in this outfit. I know this may sound ridiculous to some but I can't seem to change these thoughts.


  1. This week was horrible, it started pretty bad :( That always sucks when the band decides to disband or someone from the band decides to go solo. I've never seen japanese magazine in my whole life - I only saw some scans online, I'm used to German or British newspapers, here when you can get Italian or Russian newspaper/magazine it's like a christmas - usually these types of magazines are available only if you preorder them online. I always feel this pressure that I'm not fit enough, even if I'm skinny - I'm not as fit as all the people around me, because now it's so cool to spend your entire life in a gym, who has time for that? I've decided to not care about it and focus on healthy diet and short walks in a park, it's healthier than eating proteins and spending 24/7 at gym. It doesn't matter how we look, the most important thing is health :)

    1. Yeah being healthy is the most important thing. I work out regularly and drink lots of water but I have trouble when it comes to eating because I have a enjoy sweet tooth and don't eat meat so I always tend to go for carbs even though veggies would be the better option. So even though I have lean muscle I also have lots of fat that I wish would go away. ♥


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