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A'PIEU Wonder Tension Moist Pact ♥ Beauty Review

A'PIEU Wonder Tension Moist Pact Review
The latest trend in the Korean beauty market are tension pacts. The original tension pact was made by Missha and since A'pieu is a sister brand owned by Missha they decided to come out with their own version that's affordable and aimed at a younger audience. The purpose of a tension pact is to get the appearance of smooth and flawless skin. They contain a woven net that filters out foundation evenly giving light even application without applying too much pressure. The foundation in tension pacts has a creamy texture and a higher viscosity, unlike regular cushions that tend to be more liquidity. The puff is also slightly different from previous puffs because they are "jumbo" which makes the foundation adhere better.

I know a lot of people say that tension pacts are different from cushions but personally, I think they are the same thing with slight differences. I have used many cushions but this is my first time using a tension pact. Did it live up to my exceptions? Keep reading to find out!

A'PIEU Wonder Tension Moist Pact Review
A'PIEU Wonder Tension Moist Pact Review
A'PIEU Wonder Tension Moist Pact Review
Product Description
"Moisture type tension pact which directs skin to moisturize. Wrinkle improvement, whitening, UV protection functional cosmetics. SPF 37 PA++."

- Moisturizing
- Brightening
- Contains SPF 37 PA++
- Natural coverage
- Light floral scent
- Packaging looks luxurious
- Convenient packaging (the Marymond one is way cuter though)
- Affordable

What drew me to this pact was the slim and sleek luxurious packaging. The foundation itself makes your skin appear healthy because it brightens up your skin tone giving a natural dewy look. The coverage is light to light-medium. It's high enough to cover minimal redness, pores, and small blemishes. The coverage is good enough to match even your skin tone.

- Only two tones (#21 and #23, I have #23)
- No refill

I don't have anything to complain about with this cushion. Obviously, it sucks that it only comes in two shades. One thing that I was annoyed with was that this didn't come with an extra refill like most cushions do but this isn't a cushion so I understand why they didn't add one.

Final Thoughts
Since this tension pact is a moist version it's suitable for dry or combination/normal skin. If you have oily skin then I wouldn't recommend this to you because it would make you look super shiny. They do have another version that would be more suitable for those with oily skin so if you are interested in this cushion I would recommend you check out that.

Where To Buy
You can purchase the A'PIEU Wonder Tension Moist Pact here. You can get the Marymond packaging here.

A'PIEU Wonder Tension Moist Pact Review
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