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Weekly Edit #27

Weekly Edit
1. I'm finally back from Mexico! If you didn't know I was in Mexico for the past two weeks visiting family and I'm so glad to be back home! My trip wasn't the best experience but I won't go into detail let's just say whenever I go to Mexico I get super depressed and my anxiety is all over the place. This will definitely be my last time going.

2. Whilst I was out of the country I missed many things but my top two were my room and Lucy! Lucy actually didn't even go to my bed when I was gone. She sleeps with me every night and often hops onto my bed to sleep but while I was gone my sister said she didn't. It's nice to know that I was missed.

3. After watching the latest Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer I felt like replaying the Kingdom Hearts series so I ordered this game for the PS4 which contains 6 of the Kingdom Hearts games! These games will definitely keep me busy until Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out.

4. Now that all of my summer trips are over I'm excited about fall! Cooler weather, layered clothing, baking, and Halloween!

5. I ordered some Korean makeup from Tester Korea and it was my worst experience ever! I've ordered from Tester Korea many times but this time they just messed up. I will be posting a haul along with my experience sometime next week.

6. I am so jealous of everybody playing Splatoon 2! I was originally going to buy the Nintendo Switch as a birthday gift to myself but then I had to go to Mexico and that ruined my plan. I still plan on buying both but it may take a little longer than I thought since the Switch is still pretty difficult to find. Wish me luck! 

7. Have you guys been enjoying all the summer posts I've posted so far? There are still a few summer posts left but after that, I will be going back to my regular posts. I actually want to start posting more hands-on sort of posts like DIYs, recipes, and crochet patterns. These types of posts do require more time and work but if you guys enjoy them then I don't mind working a little more.

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  1. That's too bad that you didn't enjoy your trip away! If it causes you that much distress though then there's no point in going again. Save your time for the things that make you happy ☺️


    1. The problem is that I'm someone who wants to see the good in everything but when that backfires I am the one getting hurt, it's something I need to work on. ♥

    2. I understand that, I feel that way too. I always expect people to be good, but that's often not the case, and I get let down. It's good to care about things, but it sucks when you're left hurt.


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