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August 2017 Goals ♥ Blog & Lifestyle

August 2017 Goals
Now that all of my summer vacations are over it's time to focus on my goals again. August is always a little bit weird because it's that period between summer and autumn, pre-autumn. I honestly can't wait for autumn to arrive but I don't think I will start talking about my autumn goals until September. As for now, let's get through August first.

Comment on blogs, Twitter, and Instagram
I've been very distance lately, for a couple months to be exact. I haven't done my job as a blogger and communicated with many people. That's why I want to try to comment and connect with people online. Right now I only chat with a couple bloggers but I would like that to change.

Start making DIY projects
Like I mentioned in my previous weekly edit I want to post more DIYs and recipes. I have a list filled with projects I want to publish on here now I just need to make them happen!

Buy a Nintendo Switch
My birthday was last month but I still haven't bought my birthday gift to myself, a Nintendo Switch. It's funny how this console has been out for almost a year and they still sell out asap. I'm at the point where I'm stocking websites just so I can know when the next shipments are.

Have a closet cleanse
Last month when I was packing of Mexico I noticed how much clothes I have in my closet. It's the point where I can barely fit any new purchases into my wardrobe! That's why I need to have a closet cleanse and get rid of anything that I haven't worn in months or doesn't suit my style anymore. Good quality clothing will be posted on my Depop.

DIY for myself
This goes along with my second goal but instead of making projects for my blog I want to DIY for myself. I have tons of DIYs saved in my Pinterest board but have yet to make any of them because I never set time aside to actually do them myself.

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  1. These are great goals! I hope you do start doing DIY projects - either for yourself or for your blog - because they really are so much fun. It took me ages to start doing them, but now I can't stop! I'd love to see what you can come up with ☺️


    1. I used to be really into DIY projects but then life got busy. ♥

  2. I really want to try and connect with more people over social media as well. I'm pretty good at reading a commenting on people's blogs but I suck with Twitter and Instagram lately!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. I am the same. I read many blogs but forget to comment! I need to remember to leave a comment before I click out. ♥

  3. I had a clear out the other day and it felt so good <3 good luck with your goals! xxx

    1. I love that moment after you finished cleaning and everything looks put together! Thanks! ♥

  4. I had a big closet cleanse last week and it felt AMAZING. It's so nice to get everything in order and giving away lots of my clothes to charity makes me feel so happy

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    1. That's awesome! I want to sell some of my clothes and donate the rest. ♥



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