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Crochet Pieces I Never Finished

Failed Crochet Projects
If you haven't noticed already, I love to crochet in my spare time. When I'm not making items for my shop I enjoy crocheting other projects for myself like home decor.

I thought it could be fun for you guys to get a glimpse at my unfinished crochet projects that I never completed and why I stopped working on them. These are just a couple pieces because I have other boxes somewhere filled with more yarn madness but today I'm only going to show you what I think we're the most interesting.

Failed Crochet Projects
The first thing that probably draws your eyes is the alpaca shaped thing. I think I originally wanted to make a sleep mask out of this but for some reason, I never finished it. I think because I wanted to make it into something else. The piece underneath is the front of a failed concha (a type of Mexican pastry) fanny pack. I wanted to make this for my older sister because she had requested a fanny pack for work. I wanted to surprise her with it for Christmas or on her birthday years ago but never got around to finishing it. I'm glad I never finish it and gave it to her because it doesn't even look like a concha! lol

On the right, there are some sleep masks I never finished. I was trying a different style of sleep mask on the blue mask I probably wasn't feeling it though and stopped (but why did I proceed to make the other half?). All the way on the bottom is two bunny shaped pieces. These were originally going to be sewn together and made into a brooch, pin or hair clip.

Failed Crochet Projects
Starting with the left side, there is a cream-colored cotton coaster. I wanted to make a cute coaster for my room and this was supposed to be the base but when I finished it didn't come out the way I wanted it to so I just scraped the idea and threw this into my crochet bin. On top is a mini green cactus. This was going to be for a crochet pattern which I may still post one day. Next to the cactus is a non-completed turtle. This was going to be for a bakery series but I didn't think they looked with bread pastries so I never continued with that series.

That cone-shaped piece on the right is a crepe cone. At the time I like how it came out but now I know I can make a better one. This was going to be for my bakery/pastry collection that I never released. On the bottom, is a deep orange autumn leaf. I know it looks finished but it was going to be a garland so technically it's unfinished. Maybe I will get motivated to finish it this autumn.

Failed Crochet Projects
I made this because I wanted to try out a different crochet technique (can't remember the name of it tho). I think I wanted to turn this into a pillow or something because there is a wide opening waiting to be stuffed. I wish I would've used pastel or ombre colors instead. I guess I can always stuff it and give it to Lucy so she can play with it.

Failed Crochet Projects
Failed Crochet Projects
The biggest project that I never finished was this huge tapestry thing. I was inspired by an Instagram account that makes tapestries out of yarn. They are crazy expensive so I attempted to make my own.  Looking back on it now I wish I would've planned this project out better by drawing it on paper (like I do with most projects) because my biggest problem with this was not knowing what I wanted it to look like. If I were to make this again I would use a thicker yarn and/or different stitch to make a sturdy base.

Failed Crochet Projects
Fun Fact: This was one of the first crochet plushies I ever made! When I first started crocheting I only knew how to crochet with back loop only. There weren't too many crochet videos out at the time showing me how to properly crochet either but I eventually learned how to properly crochet on my own. You can tell how much my crochet has improved compared to the other pieces.

Failed Crochet Projects
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  1. It's always interesting to look back on the things that we lost interest in, or that just didn't work out. I've had books that I was DYING to read, but once I started, I just never picked them up again.

    I think our unfinished projects say just as much about us as our completely projects do - particularly that we have too many things we want to do and sometimes move onto the next one before completing the one before! Who knows though, maybe one day you'll be inspired to go back and finish these pieces - and I might one day pick up all those books I've half-read 😂


    1. The good thing about crochet is that if I don't finish a project I can always unravel it and use the yarn for another project. haha ♥


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