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Kiki's Delivery Service Sign ♥ Crochet Painting

Kiki's Delivery Service Sign
A couple months ago I was watching Kiki's Delivery Service and was in awe of the bread sign that the bakers make for Kiki for her delivery service. I actually checked online to see if they sell them which they do. However, it's kind of expensive plus the shipping would take a while since most of the sellers are located in Japan. So, I decided to make my own sign!

My original plan was to make a clay version (like the one in this video) but I assumed using clay would be heavy. That's when it hit me, why not crochet a sign? Funny how this wasn't my first idea. I was just going to make the bread sign itself but figured that the yarn would fall if it wasn't held up by something, that's when I realized a crochet painting would be perfect for this project!

Kiki's Delivery Service Sign
I tried to get as much as the details as close to the original sign but obviously, I left out the main detail, Kiki herself! I had planned to make Kiki but the canvas I used isn't that big so I decided to leave her out and just use Jiji. Another feature I decided to leave out was the actual sign. I wanted to extend the painting and make a few chains and crochet a sign but decided against it. This is a permanent idea though so I may make it in the future.

I didn't know which color to use as the background so I checked my yarn stash and went with this reddish/coral color that screams autumn. I've never used this yarn so this was the perfect time to use it.I glued the background to the canvas and then the wreath on top. I didn't want to glue Gigi to the canvas because I wanted him to look as if he were really flying but he's a bit heavy and drags the broom down so I sewed his ears under the bow (on the wreath base). The rest of the details on the wreath are sewn on by hand.

I used colors similar to ones used in the sign in the movie but I did consider just using bread-like shades. I am so proud of how the broom came out. It's so cute! I might make a tutorial on how to make it.

Kiki's Delivery Service Sign
Kiki's Delivery Service Sign
What do you guys think? I love the way it came out but of course, there are things I would change if I were to make a second one. Should I continue to make more paintings? I would also like to know which painting you fancy more detailed ones like this one or simpler ones like the one in this post.

Kiki's Delivery Service Sign
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