Weekly Edit #13

Weekly Edit
#1 My latest food obsession has been acai bowls. I use this dragon fruit pitaya to make my bowls. They are expensive for only 4 packs but when you think how much acai bowls are I think it's worth it.

#2 Here are a couple of songs that have been suck in my head for the past week.
BTS - Mic Drop
IU - By the Stream
U-KNOW - Drop

#3 This week I didn't have work so I had a lot of time to do things that have been on my to-do list like crocheting and cleaning my room. I finally wiped my shelves and washed some of my stuffed animals.

#4 October starts next week and I am so ready and guess what? I will be doing Blogtober! I won't be posting every day but I will be posting Monday through Friday and resting on the weekends. There just might be some DIY posts sprinkled in as well.

#5 What do you guys think of my crochet painting? I did another food and animal related painting because I love sweets and animals. I'm currently working on my next canvas and I'm really excited to finish it. This one isn't food-related but it does include an animal.

#6 I've been obsessed with RainbowholicTV. They post regular videos on stationery and kawaii related things. I like to end my day by watching a video the videos are both inspiring and relaxing to watch. The Hobonichi videos are my favorite!

#7 I ordered my first tripod last night. Believe it or not, I never owned a tripod before so all the pictures you see are all taken by hand.

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My Top 15 K-pop Songs of Summer 2017

Top 15 K-pop Songs of Summer 2017
Ever since I posted my favorite K-pop songs of 2017 I made a memo to keep up with this series which is why I am posting my favorite K-pop songs from the summer. I wanted to post this earlier, however, I didn't know when the summer releases were going to stop but now that summer is over I think it's safe to post my top 10 favorite summer jams (or 'bops' as the kids are calling it now). I saw the first song with the word autumn in the title the other day. There were so many amazing songs that were released in the three months of summer but I am narrowing it down to my top 10. What was your official summer song of 2017?

1. CHUNG HA - Why Don't You Know (Feat. Nucksal)
I heard this at the beginning of summer so it gives me those early summer vibes. I also heard it played a lot in various Korean variety shows so it stunk in m head for a while. Btw, she is the one on the cover of the Nylon magazine!

2. DAY6 - Hi Hello

3. Red Velvet - Red Flavor
This song was on loop when I was in Orlando. I still don't understand the video but it has fruit and summer = fruit I guess. haha

4. Wanna One - Energetic
One of the most popular K-pop songs of the summer! Wanna One is the boy version of Producer 101, a music competition show where they put trainees from various Korean entertainment companies up against each other to be in an 11 member group and promote for a couple of months. Last year they did the girl version of this and it became so popular that they decided to make a boy version. Wanna One is this year's group. I'm so amazed by the concept of the show and how popular a group can get in a few months.

5. Crush - Outside (Feat. Beenzino)

6. HOTSHOT - Jelly

7. JJ Project - Tomorrow, Today

8. Girls' Generation - All Night
Last year SNSD made a summer comeback with PARTY and now they're back it again with another summer comeback! Out of the two songs that they promoted All Night was my favorite but Holiday is more of a summery song.

9. WINNER - Island
Ever since Nam Taehyun left WINNER there whole sound has changed to more of an energic upbeat sound and I didn't like at first but with time I came to accept this new WINNER. Even though I do prefer their old songs Love Me Love Me and Island were excellent songs.

10. Weki Meki - I Don't Like Your Girlfriend

11. Moon Hyuna, EU Erine - Doong Doong

12. SUNMI- Gashina
One of my favorite songs of the summer!

13. B.A.P. - Honeymoon

14. HYUNA - Bebe

15. ODD EYE CIRCLE (LOONA) - Girl Front
This song was just released last week but it's such a summer song I had to include it. LOONA is so underrated but I guess it's because they haven't even officially debuted yet. I definitely think they are the next biggest Korean girl group!

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Daily Joys ♥ September 2017

Daily Joys
I was inspired by Michelle's post (I love finding other Michelle's!) and this post to make a list of the small joys in my life. With everything that's going on in the world right now, it's easy to get overwhelmed that's why I decided to shut off the news and jot down all the small things that are currently making me appreciate.

- Waking up early (I'm a total morning person)
- The smell of coffee from a coffee machine
- A hearty bowl of oatmeal
- Cute activewear outfits
- Working out in the morning
- Kawaii charms
- Sprinkle Pug stickers
- The smell of a book
- Halloween decorations and packaging
- Afternoon iced coffee
- Dessert smelling candles
- Fresh bed sheets
- Molang Youtube videos
- Cute socks
- Rearranging my mood board
- Cooking a home meal
- Drinking enough water
- Re-watching Adventure Time episodes
- Korean stationery
- Winning several Salmon Runs in a row
- Starbucks pumpkin scones
- Feeling inspired and having plenty ideas
- Having food in the fridge
- Going to sleep on a reasonable time

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Drugstore Beauty Haul ♥ Cruelty-Free

Cruelty-Free Drugstore Beauty Haul
Over the weekend I went to Ulta and picked up a couple things, enough things for a haul which is what I'm doing today. I haven't posted a beauty haul in while so it was time for a haul. All these products are cruelty-free too so no animals were harmed. :)

Cruelty-Free Drugstore Beauty Haul
I saw that Yes To had a new line so I decided to pick up the Yes To Cotton Comforting Facial Wipes because they looked interesting plus I needed new makeup wipes anyways. The Yes To Cotton line is for ultra-sensitive and allergy-prone skin so if you have sensitive skin I would advise you to check this line out.

My go-to facial mist is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. I go through these bottles super fast so I am constantly repurchasing them.

This isn't drugstore related but I just got these in the mail the other day so I wanted to quickly throw this in. The Etude House Real Art Moisture Cleansing Oil has been on my skincare wishlist for a long time! A lot of Korean beauty bloggers have been raving about this cleansing oil so I finally went ahead and bought them.

Cruelty-Free Drugstore Beauty Haul
The Essence Lash Princess mascaras are my favorite so when I heard that they released a new one I had to get my hands on it. The Essence Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara gives dramatic volume and defines lashes. The False Lash Effect Mascara is my favorite mascara ever so I hope this one exceeds my exceptions.

I was looking through the nail polishes section and I saw that they had a buy one get one free promotion going on so I decided to splurge and get come colors for autumn. I picked up China Glazes's Sorry I'm Latte (simply because of the name, lol) and Fifth Avenue. I'm currently wearing Fifth Avenue, a cool burgundy and it's perfect for fall.

 I've heard of Schmidt's before but was surprised to see that they had them available at my local Target so I bought the Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Lavender Sage. I've heard mixed reviews on this deodorant so I will let you know if it ends up working on me or not.

Cruelty-Free Drugstore Beauty Haul
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Weekly Edit #12

Weekly Edit
#1 It's finally officially autumn! Even though it's still unseasonably warm where I live. Last week it was starting to get cooler and now it's getting hotter and I can't stand it! I just want to wear sweaters and boots!

#2 It's my dad's birthday today so he and my mom went to on birthday trip leaving my sisters and I have the house to ourselves. Yas!

#3 I finished burning my fourth candle the other day. That means I have three candles left to finish. So far I'm doing really well with this monthly goal.

#4 Can you believe we only have one more week of September? This month really flew by! We are finally getting into the last three months which I also think are the most exciting.

#5 This post about not following the traditional life plan really spoke out to me. I love it when I can relate to bloggers and connect to them in a personal way.

#6 BTS, IU and The Killer's all drop new albums. Plus, I'm probably missing a few others. I will be listening to new tunes all this weekend.

#7 I also don't have work for the next couple of days because my dad is also my boss. I intend on using these days to plan out Blogtober posts and craft.

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South Korea Haul ♥ Stationery, Sheet Masks, Etc

South Korea Haul
My friend Jenny recently went to South Korea and asked me if I wanted anything and of course, I said yes! I asked for a Nylon magazine (my favorite magazine but not the US version) and a couple of sheet masks. Not only did she get what I asked for but she brought me back more than I imagined so I wanted to share what she gifted me. If you are reading this Jenny thank you so much!

South Korea Haul
She did find me a Nylon magazine and it had Chung Ha on the cover. I don't really know who she is all I know is that she was on Producer 101 but I love her song Why Don't You Know. Jenny also picked up a couple sheet masks from Nature Republic and Tony Moly.

South Korea Haul
Here is all the stationery that I received everything is really cute! Those puffy mermaid stickers are so adorable!

South Korea Haul
Jenny knows that I love K-pop especially Girls' Generation so she picked me up some Girls' Generation merch. On the left is a 2018 calendar and on the right is a post card set. There are some photos from when they were promoting PARTY and Lion Heart. The girls look gorgeous in each photo!

South Korea Haul
One of my favorite souvenirs thing that Jenny got me was this I ♥ Seoul keychain. The keychain contains a bunch of monuments from Seoul.

South Korea Haul
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Lifestyle Favorites ♥ August 2017

August 2017 Lifestyle Favorites
Earlier this month I shared my beauty August favorites so now it's time for the second part of my August favorites where I show my favorite lifestyle items. This is the latest lifestyle favorites I think I ever posted. That week-long break really skewered up my blog schedule! haha

August 2017 Lifestyle Favorites
Nintendo Switch
Obviously one of my favorite from August was my Nintendo Switch. It was a late birthday gift to myself and I love it! I can't wait for more games and features to be released!

Pink Nintendo Switch Accessories
Since I have the Switch with the gray joy-cons I decided to get some accessories to make my console cute since I don't like the gray color. I bought these cute pink kitty paw for the thumbsticks I actually have the same ones on my PS4 controller and Wii U and since I love them so much I decided to buy them for my Nintendo Switch too.

I also bought some pink silicon covers for the joy-cons to hide the gray parts. It's difficult to play with the silicon cases on so I take them off when I'm playing and put them on when I'm not playing.

Splatoon 2
Splatoon was one of my favorite games for the Wii U so of course, I had to get Splatoon 2! It's kind of difficult to explain so I will further explain in the review but just know it's such a cute game! Just google Splatoon and you will see the cutest fan art! I finished the game a couple weeks so I will be posting a review really soon.

August 2017 Lifestyle Favorites
Clif Bar - Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch
Lately, I've been into Clif Bars my favorite flavor at the moment is the chocolate chip peanut crunch. I mean you can't go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate chips!

Archer Farms Monster Trail Mix
I had a sudden craving for trail mix so I picked up this bag of Target. They have a couple different combinations but this one I really love this one. I also tried the Cashew Caramel but if any of you have any other recommendations let me know.

Tom's of Maine Natural Antiplaque and Whitening Fluoride-Free Toothpaste
Since going cruelty-free I've been slowing transition by adding cruelty-free products to my everyday products that I never thought of such as toothpaste. I bought this Tom's toothpaste back when we were in Orlando and now I am on my second tube! I love how this doesn't contain any fluoride-free because I've always hated that burning feeling after brushing your teeth.

August 2017 Lifestyle Favorites
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Weekly Edit #11

Weekly Edit
#1 On Monday we dealt with the remains of Hurrican Irma (it was just a tropical storm when it reached us). I was kind of worried because we had the chance of getting hit with powerful winds and strong storms. However, I had work that day and by the time I came home I took a very long nap and slept until midnight and by then the storms passed (I'm not sure if we even had any). Thankfully there was no damage near us but most schools and establishments were closed until Tuesday.

#2 If you are ever feeling down I recommend watching the Molang videos. They're incredibly cute you can't help but smile!

#3 I finished Over The Garden Wall this week. There are only 10 episodes so it was a quick watch. The show is strangely random and slow at first but the ending was quick and bittersweet but it's a cute show and I will be watching again. I love Greg! He's such an innocent soul! "Oh, molasses and potatoes!"

#4 I've been trying everything pumpkin flavored that Starbucks has to offer. I've had plenty of iced pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin scone but I want to try the rest of the pumpkin things on the menu.

#5 My armpits have been really irritated lately I'm not sure if it's a new body wash I've been using or my Certain Dri deodorant but I've stopped using the deodorant first because that's what I've been using under my arms more. However, if I see no improvement I will stop using the body wash next.

#6 I was really disappointed with the latest Nintendo Direct. I was expecting some new games for the Switch but we got nothing interesting. I mean I wasn't expecting anything extravagant but a first look at games underdevelopment would've been nice. Looks like we have to wait until the next Nintendo Direct.

#7 During the Japan Nintendo Direct they revealed a Girls Mode 4 trailer! For those who don't know Girls Mode is what they call the Style Savvy/Style Boutique games in Japan. They gave Japan and Europe release dates for the game however they didn't mention a North America date! It took almost a year for Style Savvy: Fashion Forward to be released in North America I hope it doesn't take that long again.

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September Goals ♥ Blog & Lifestyle

September Goals
It's time to share my goals that I want to accomplish in September. As always I will be sharing my blog and lifestyle goals. This month I decided to take a look back at the goals that I set up for myself in August. I never did this in my past monthly goals because I didn't want these posts to get too long but after reading other bloggers monthly goals posts I thought that it would be better to take a look back to see how many goals I completed and hold myself accountable.

Last Month's Goals
Comment on blogs, Twitter, and Instagram
I only commented on blogs but not on Twitter or Instagram so I can't completely cross this off.

Start making DIY projects
Again, I can only cross half of this goal off because technically I did post the crochet sunglass cozy pattern but I didn't post as many DIY projects as I would've liked but I'm proud that I posted at least one.

Buy a Nintendo Switch
Yup! I honestly didn't think I was going to find one but I did! I am so happy!

Have a closet cleanse
Another yes! Plus, I also cleaned out the drawers on my wardrobe too!

DIY for myself
Not only did I finish the two crochet painting that I wanted to finish but I also finished crocheting these cupcake coasters that have been sitting in my crochet bin for years! The pattern is from Twinkie Chan.

This Month's Goals
1. Start planning out Blogtober and Blogmas
I'm still not sure whether I have enough Halloween/Autumn ideas for there to be a Blogtober but so far I am really pleased with my Blogtober ideas, I will keep you updated if I decided to partake. As for Blogmas, I've participated in Blogmas for as long as I can remember so I feel like I just have to do it every year I have a couple ideas but I need more so I can start planning as soon as possible so the holiday stress doesn't get to me.

2. Post 2-4 times a week on Instagram
Maybe you have noticed that I started to post more on my Instagram. I've been slowing trying to post more pictures up on my Insta-feed. Some may be wondering why I want to post on Instagram more and I just want to be more active on all of my social media to spread my blog name out there. I can easily just post photos of my scheduled blog post every day (which I've done in the past) but I want to post random photos of my life like cute things or pictures of Lucy.

3. Get rid of candles
Back when I was cleaning out my drawers I found a lot of candles from Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle. I have over 5 large candles that I want to finish burning so I can make room for new autumn scented candles! I actually already started this goal and have been doing a pretty fine job at burning at least one candle a day. Most of the candles are halfway done so my goal is to burn through as many of these as I can.

4. Start using my bullet journal again
Remember my bullet journal? Well, I haven't used that thing in months! It's so annoying because I spent a lot of money on that journal and I don't use it enough so I feel like I am not getting my money's worth out of it. It's not like I can sell that thing either because it's already scribbled all over. So I want to start using my bullet journal more I've been getting inspiration from Instagram and Youtube so hopefully, that will help inspire me to journal more.

5. Go to the doctor
I haven't gone to a proper doctor since I was 19 (I am now 24) so it's been a long time! It's not that I'm scared or anything (I would much rather get regular check ups) it's because of health care. Long story short, I have been having some stomach issues and I really want to get it checked out because the pain has gotten stronger in the past two weeks. Hopefully, it isn't anything serious.

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My Washi Tape Stash ♥ Stationery Collection

Washi Tape Collection
As you guys know I love stationery and probably have more than I need but I can't help it I adore stationery! I've shared my planner clips before and wanted to continue the share my stationery collection this I am showing my washi tape collection. My washi tape collection is pretty small (at least I think so) and can fit in an old Birchbox but I love my washi collection!

Washi Tape Collection
I tried to organize my washi box as much as I could but somehow it still doesn't look like it. The first and last rows are the most organized. The box if you are wondering is from a past Birchbox.

Starting with the bottom roll I have a bunch of glitter washi tape most are from sales but I haven't used these too much yet. I also keep washi that contains the most amount of tape on this roll. On the second row, I have a bunch of random washi tape but this row I keep my washi that contains less washi.

Washi Tape Collection
Next row is the cute washi! I mean I have a bunch of cute washi but this row is my personal fave. All of the washi are from various places such as Target, Etsy, Michael's, etc. Finally the last row, I keep my smaller rolls of washi tape and the remaining thin washi that I have left over from a previous set.

Washi Tape Collection
I have many rolls of thin colored washi tape. They sell these rolls of thin washi at Michael's Craft Store they have different colored set, I have the pastel and primary colored ones. I only bought the primary ones for the black roll I rarely use the other ones. haha

Washi Tape Collection
My latest two rolls of washi tape are from Hoshi Island. She has the cutest washi tape! Look at that pumpkin spice latte washi!

Washi Tape Collection
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Beauty Favorites ♥ August 2017

August 2017 Beauty Favorites
I know it may be a little bit late to post my August favorite but since I took a break last week I will be posting my favorites this week. I only had a few favorite things in August so these posts won't be too long. This month I only had 5 beauty products that made it to my August favorites. Let's start!

August 2017 Beauty Favorites
Etude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish Sun Milk SPF 50+ PA+++
As much as I adore my trusty Missha Sun Essence I want to try out other sunscreens. The one I decided to try in August was the Etude House Sunprise Milk Airy Finish Sun Milk. Etude House has a couple different sun protection formulas but I decided to go with a sun milk because I never tried one and wanted to see how the formula compared to other sunscreens. It sets to a powdery finish so if you are not into dewy sun creams you want to consider checking this out.

Peripera Ink Lasting Mint Cushion - Perikiki Collection
Every summer I try out a new cushion and this year I decided to try the Peripera Ink Lasting Mint Cushion. First off, the packaging just screams summer! I love the natural coverage, the mint controls redness and lasts a pretty decent time. You can read my full review here.

August 2017 Beauty Favorites
Tony Moly Back Gel Eye Liner - OiOi Edition
One of my favorite eye liners! When I saw that it came in a cute packaging I jumped at the opportunity to buy it. Once I finish the line I plan on reusing the top part and just buying the eyeliner so that I can keep using the cute packaging.

Colourpop Super Shock Cheek - Monster
When it comes to my makeup I don't really contour or highlight often (it's just not my style to wear too much makeup). However, recently I've been getting more into highlighting. I own a couple highlighters but Monster is the one I've been gravitating to the most. It's a duo chrome highlighter that looks lovely when struck by light.

Etude House Tear Drop Liner - #3 Pure Sparkling Pearl
This is my second Tear Drop Liner by Etude House but this time I decided to get a different color. The shade is a beautiful light pink (almost duo chrome) glittery color. The only problem with Etude House Tear Drop Liners is that they don't last long. If anybody knows of a glittery liner that lasts long and possibly water-proof please let me know.

August 2017 Beauty Favorites
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Weekly Edit #10

Weekly Edit
#1 It's starting to get colder in Georgia. It was 70 degrees early this week even though that's still too warm for me it's much better than 90 degrees like it was 2 weeks ago. I'm still waiting for it to get to the lower 60s so I can wear my knitted cardigans.

#2 Cassey's post on being called Thick was pretty interesting but what was more interesting was the comments. Half of the people said being called thick it like called fat and others didn't mind it at all. As someone who has curves (who hates them!), I grew up in an era where it was trendy to have a super thin body and now it's the complete opposite! Would love to know your thoughts on this topic.

#3 This weekend Hurricane Irma is going through Flordia. It should reach Georgia by Monday or Tuesday but it should be significantly weaker and a tropical depression by then. At first, I was really nervous and hoping that it wouldn't pass near us but as time went by I knew that I can't do anything to control mother nature except change my perspective of what could happen.

#4 Seeing all the videos of pets being rescued in Hurrican Harvey is gut wrenching. These poor animals were left by their owners! WHO WOULD THAT! If I hear that I need to evacuate the first thing I would do is grab Lucy! This is why some people don't deserve pets!

#5 This week I finished Gravity Falls. I'm so sad! It was only two seasons but it was a very cute show and I can definitely see myself watching it again in the future. The next show on my watchlist is Over The Garden Wall. I've heard nothing but amazing news from this show so my expectations are high.

#6 I went to Micheal's the other day and bought a set of canvas to make more crochet painting with. My plan to make some original designs and post them up in my shop and see how they do. I have a couple ideas but if you guys have any suggestions I'm all ears! I will update you guys on this process as time goes on.

#7 Starbucks released their famous pumpkin spice latte this week and I already had 2! Now I just need to get a pumpkin scone and I'm ready for autumn!

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Where I've Been ♥ Expressing My Feelings

Where I've Been
 Hello, I'm back! I know I've missed a week of blogging and I am so sorry but I just needed a rest from blogging. This is probably the longest I've missed without posting anything on my blog in a long time! It wasn't that I didn't have any ideas I actually have a whole list of posts but I wasn't in the mood to publish anything. I didn't feel like taking pictures, I didn't feel like sitting down with my laptop and editing and typing, so I took a break.

It's funny though, every time I step down from blogging and feel like quitting is when I get new followers and comments. I even got an email from a company who wants to work with me! I see this as a sign to not give up which is why I've continued to blog all these years.

I'm not going to lie though not getting feedback when I ask for it does mess with my head. I am someone who needs reassurance when it comes to things because I am so indecisive when it comes to anything so when I see no one commenting or communicating back it makes me like what I am doing is a waste of my time and energy. It makes me feel like I should focus my energy on something else.

I know I am not the best when it comes to writing, communicating, or even photography when it comes to blogging. There are so many amazing bloggers out there who are amazing at all those things so why would anyone bother visiting my blog? I've tried to create a blog that represents me as a person. I've gone through various layouts, names changes and content change in the past but I am really happy with all the content that I've recently produced. Every year I feel like I get better with my posts. I remember last year really loving my summer series and this year I think it's even better! I'm happy with how my blog is at the moment but I'm not sure about you guys so I second guess myself and whether I should continue on with blogging.

I don't where I'm going with this post, to be honest. I'm not saying I want to quit blogging actually I felt so empty not blogging this past week so I can't see myself ever quitting. I just wanted to let you guys know where I was in case you were wondering. I also wanted to express my feels because I hold a lot of them in most of the time (I know not healthy at all) so I just wanted to let the few of you that read my blog what I've been feeling.

Starting today I will resume my regular blogging schedule (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday). Tomorrow I will be posting my Weekly Edit, with thoughts and events from both last and this week. I hope you guys enjoy!

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