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My Washi Tape Collection

Washi Tape Collection
As you guys know I love stationery and probably have more than I need but I can't help it I adore stationery! I've shared my planner clips before and wanted to continue the share my stationery collection this I am showing my washi tape collection. My washi tape collection is pretty small (at least I think so) and can fit in an old Birchbox but I love my washi collection!

Washi Tape Collection
I tried to organize my washi box as much as I could but somehow it still doesn't look like it. The first and last rows are the most organized. The box if you are wondering is from a past Birchbox.

Starting with the bottom roll I have a bunch of glitter washi tape most are from sales but I haven't used these too much yet. I also keep washi that contains the most amount of tape on this roll. On the second row, I have a bunch of random washi tape but this row I keep my washi that contains less washi.

Washi Tape Collection
The next row is the cute washi! I mean I have a bunch of cute washi but this row is my personal fave. All of the washi is from various places such as Target, Etsy, Michael's, etc. Finally the last row, I keep my smaller rolls of washi tape and the remaining thin washi that I have leftover from a previous set.

Washi Tape Collection
I have many rolls of thin colored washi tape. They sell these rolls of thin washi at Michael's Craft Store they have different colored set, I have the pastel and primary-colored ones. I only bought the primary ones for the black roll I rarely use the other ones. haha

Washi Tape Collection
My latest two rolls of washi tape are from Hoshi Island. She has the cutest washi tape! Look at that pumpkin spice latte washi!

Washi Tape Collection
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  1. Ahh I'm so jealous! I love washi tape so much, but I only have like 4 rolls. Your collection really makes me want more though!

    Indya || http://www.thesmalladventurer.blogspot.com.au/


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