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Weekly Edit #37

Weekly Edit
#1 This month is just not going well for me! On Monday, it was relieved that Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun did not resign to SM Entertainment which means only 5 Girls' Generation members remain. It honestly shocked me because these three members always seemed like they loved their company but I guess not as much as I thought they did. This also means the Girls' Generation is over I mean even if they promote as a 5 member group it just wouldn't be the same. Girls' Generation were the ones who introduced me to K-pop so I am honestly hurt by this news. It's the end of a generation.

I have so many thoughts and opinions on this subject but I'm not sure how many of you are K-pop fans and would be interested in reading about this. Are you a fan of K-pop?

#2 I finally sat down to set up my bullet journal. I have lots of cute ideas for pages that I can't wait to show you guys IF I end up making those pages.

#3 Dr. Phil is my guilty pleasure. Like sometimes I think my family and I are bad but no these people are 100% more screwed up than us. Does anybody else watch Dr. Phil?

#4 Earlier this week I was complaining about not having anything to listen to which is why I decided to start exploring some new podcasts. My favorite one at the moment is My Favorite Murder which is a podcast about two ladies who talk about murders. I think it's the perfect type of podcast to listen to this time of year especially if you like true crime or creepy stories. Some of the stories are really messed up which is why they sprinkle a little humor throughout the podcast. Happy October 13!

#5 Current playlist
GOT7 - You Are (their new album is amazing!)
TRCNG - Spectrum
NU'EST W - Where You At
Davichi - To Me
Bolbbalgan4 - To My Youth (another fantastic album!)

#6 Reptar things are apparently real and I want one so bad!!! The episode when the Rugrats try to get the Reptar bars on Halloween is one of my favorites!

#7 Lucy went to the vet today for her annual checkup and I was so proud of her because she walked in by herself! This is like her second or third time walking in like a boss but it's such an improvement because I remember back when she would force herself from entering.

In other news, she's overweight. She weighed 13 pounds! Her usually weight is 11-12 pounds but on her papers, it said she was overweight. I blame my family because they are always giving her scraps of food and too many puppuccinos.


  1. I keep considering setting up a bullet journal too, but I'm so worried that I'll mess it up because I'm not arty enough

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    1. That's how I was when I first got my bullet journal. I recommend practicing in a regular notebook first and get inspiration off of Instagram and Pinterest. ♥


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