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Weekly Edit #38

Weekly Edit
#1 I took the 16 personalities test over the weekend I took the test a long time ago but don't remember what I was or care much about it at the time so I decided to take it again and got "ADVOCATE" or INFJ-T. "Quiet and mystical, yet very inspiring and tireless idealists." It's one of the rarest personalities and making less than 1% of the population. At first, I was like maybe I answered something wrong because I doubt I'm that special but as I was reading I can definitely relate to most of the traits. Take the test and let me know what personality type you get.

#2 Earlier this week I deleted a bunch of my old posts from 2010-2015. For those who don't know, I've had this blog for years! I started in high school but didn't start actively blogging until after I graduated. It wasn't until summer 2015 that I started feeling happy with my blog posts.

#3 I bought a cute pastel pink planner folio from Target this week the style is similar to a traveler's journal (you can see it on my Instagram). I know I probably didn't need another planner but I plan on using this for something different. Let me know if you would like to see a separate post on my traveler's journal.

#4 Girls Mode 4 released another game trailer. I want this game so bad! I hope it doesn't take a year for this game to come to North America like Style Boutique 2 did. By the way, that new white and lilac DS is gorgeous!

#5 I added a Spotify playlist to the bottom right side of my blog so now you can browse my blog and listen to music. I added songs that I am currently listening to at the moment. I love it when bloggers have a playlist because it tells you a lot about that certain blogger.

#6 Only one week left for Halloween! What are you guys doing for Halloween?

#7 Next week I have a DIY post scheduled that I'm so excited to share! The finishing touch just arrived yesterday and it's perfect! It's probably my favorite DIY I ever made!


  1. Remember you can always go back and edit old blog posts so you don't have to delete them! I've been working on making better Pinterest graphics and adding them to older posts. Although I understand wanting your blog to be perfect, and if you don't like a certain post there's no shame in deleting it! Excited to see your new DIY project ☺️

    Indya || tinyurl.com/thesmalladventurer

    1. I would much rather delete them but if I still like the jot down the idea and make another. Some of my old posts were really embarrassing to look at too so I just deleted them. haha ♥

  2. AHHH! That little Pumpkin tsum tsum is so cute <3

  3. I'm so happy that you added a Spotify playlist to your blog. Now I can find new music to listen to! I'm also really excited for Halloween. I actually don't have any plans for this year but I'm sure it will be fun anyway!

    1. I'm glad your excited about the playlist! I love recommending new music and now I finally can without being too annoying. Hopefully you enjoy the playlist! ♥

  4. I went through some of my old blog posts a while back and deleted quite a few haha. Sometimes it's good to start afresh.



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