Christmas Countdown Blocks ♥ 12 Days of DIY

Christmas Countdown Blocks
Surprise! Welcome to the first day of Blogmas! Technically tomorrow is that first official first day of Blogmas but if you follow my blog you know that Friday is my Weekly Edit posts so I decided to start my Blogmas post today instead. Along with Blogmas, I am also participating in 12 Days of Diy again this year. Most of the projects are crochet patterns but I do have a few non-crochet scattered throughout the month.

I'm starting off 12 Days of Diy with these Crocheted Christmas Countdown Blocks. Not only can you use these for Christmas but for anything that you are counting down to such as holidays, birthdays, vacations, etc.You can use whatever colors you want but I went for pastel colors because I know if I picked Christmas colors I probably wouldn't use them again until next December.  It's a very easy project but it does require a lot of sewing.

Christmas Countdown Blocks
- H/5.00 mm crochet hook
- Multiple yarn balls
- Red worsted yarn
- Scissors
- Yarn needle
- Block or cube (A wooden one would be perfect but I made one out of cardstock paper because I couldn't find one)

Ch(s) - chain(es)
St(s) - stitch(es)
Slst - slip stitch
Sc - single crochet
(x2) - repeat however many times inside

Christmas Countdown Blocks
Sides: (make 12, 6 for each)
- Ch 13, sc 12, turn. Total = 12 sts
- Ch 1, sc 12 sts (x 12). Total = 12 sts
Cut off

Surface crochet the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on each square for one cube and 0, 1, 2, 6, 7, 8 on the other cube. Next, with red yarn sew the sides together to form a cube. Insert your wooden or paper block inside before you finish sewing the block closed. If you are using a paper block stuff the inside so it doesn't fly around all over the place.

Christmas Countdown Blocks
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Thanksgivings Week Setup ♥ Planner Spread

Planner Spread
After my Blogtober planner spreads, I decided to take a break from planners spreads because I didn't want to annoy with you guys with an abundant amount of planner post but I did want to share a least one autumn spread before the Blogmas posts start. Yay for Christmas stationery posts!

Sadly, this will probably be the last spread in my mini Happy Planner because over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend I finally bought the Everyday Essentials Medium Happy planner that I wanted! When I saw this planner earlier this year I knew I needed it in my life but it was sold out in stores and I didn't want to buy it online because I didn't want to pay for the shipping so I waited and waited and was finally able to buy it online and on sale! Hopefully, it arrives before December so I can start decorating with Christmas stickers.

Planner Spread
I was surprised to find out that I didn't have any autumn washi tape left from last year, guess I used it all. I had to go back from a previous year and scrape up washi to use as a header. In the center, I used a pastel orange thin washi tape and at the bottom, I used the light orange glitter washi that I mentioned in my Target stationery haul.

Planner Spread
Since Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was released this week I used my Animal Crossing stickers! Most of the stickers in this spread are from Sprinkled Pug but I also used some stickers from Oh So Fawn that I had laying around from a mystery bundle.

Planner Spread
This week I turned my notes section into my goals for the week (one which I wasn't able to accomplish) since I never know what to do with this section so I like to try new things, I love the idea of weekly goals section. I also used some scrap notepad paper and snip it to cover the weekly box and messy areas.

Planner Spread
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Hello Paper Cat ♥ Stationery Haul

Hello Paper Cat Haul
Ever since my previous Hello Paper Cat order, I've been obsessed with the shop. I even stalk the Instagram to stay on top of any new releases or special promotions. Over the weekend I may have placed another order (#sorrynotsorry) so don't be surprised if you see another Hello Paper Cat haul on my blog soon! By the way, I didn't even know that I used the exact same background and Tsum Tsum as my previous haul, my bad!

Hello Paper Cat Haul
I have so many mini Happy Planner dashboards at this point that I don't really need any new ones but I got sucked in because of the cute designs! Last time I decided to skip out on the BTS dashboard because I didn't want to look like a crazy fan but I regretted not buying it days later so this time it was the first thing I added to my cart! There is actually a new BTS DNA collection out and I want everything!!!

The other planner dashboard I bought was this one with a vintage deer. I wanted a woodland theme that I could use in autumn/winter so I went with this one. I didn't notice that both of the covers had a pink polka dot background. If I had noticed earlier I would've bought a different one, oh well.

Hello Paper Cat Haul
You guys know how much I love anything coffee related! So when I saw these coffee bookmarks I knew I had to get some. Ideally, I would've bought the whole set but I already have so many bookmarks so I settled with two just for now I may go back and buy the rest later though.

One of the freebies I received with my order was this cute bunny planner bookmark. So cute!

Hello Paper Cat Haul
My two stationery obsessions have been pens (let me know if you would like to see a pen haul/swatch test or if that sounds too weird) and die cuts. For a long time, I didn't get what die cuts were but they're basically stickers. I bought this set of die cuts to use as blog background props so you will be seeing a lot of these ladies in upcoming posts.

The other free gift that I got was the same pastel planner deigns but in die-cut form.

Hello Paper Cat Haul
The pug-kin page maker that I bought in my last HPC order has been one of the most used stationery items in autumn so I decided to buy another one to give the pug a break. This pink haired girl is named Elodie and she is holding one of my favorite drinks, a pumpkin spice latte. She's laminated and sturdy perfect to keep tucked in your planner.

Hello Paper Cat Haul
Lastly, I picked up some cute stickers! They had the same Elodie stickers but these are smaller which makes them even cuter than the die-cuts! I also got this Sailor Moon sticker set because I also wanted these last time so I got them this time.

Hello Paper Cat Haul
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Weekly Edit #21

Weekly Edit
#1 Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp came out this week! It's so cute! If you haven't downloaded it yet I would highly recommend it, especially if you love Animal Crossing or games similar. Add me! My friend code, 6688-9983-590.

#2 Splatoon 2 fans, what do you think of the holiday update? The new hairstyles are so cute and I'm so excited to play in the Mako Mart stage! I have a strange fascination with supermarkets and anything food related so this is right up my alley. Yes, I know I still haven't posted a review on Splatoon 2 but I promise it will be coming next month!

#3 Style Savvy: Styling Star (Style Savvy 3) is coming to the US! You can actually download a free demo on the E-shop right now. It's coming out on Christmas Day but it's only going to be available in the Nintendo E-shop. It's such a shame that this series isn't as popular in the states then it is in other countries.

#4 One of my favorite Japanese fashion magazines, Zipper is shutting down. I'm heartbroken but honestly, I saw it coming. When they switched from monthly issues to seasonal issues I knew that it was only a matter of time before they closed down. A lot of magazines have shut down this year, some switching to digital. Nylon, Teen Vogue, and now Zipper. One of my dreams was to work for a magazine but it's a dying business so I don't think that dream will ever come true.

#5 It's so hard not to buy things for yourself when there are so many Black Friday deals going on. So far I've only bought one thing (this will obviously change) and it's for myself. haha

#6 I don't know why I even try to cook or bake. Everything that prepared this week just sucked! I've been trying to eat home cooked meals instead of easy-to-make processed food but I failed about every dish that I made. Clearly I didn't learn anything from all that Food Network that I watched as a child.

#7 Now that Thanksgiving is other I can finally start getting ready for Christmas. I can't wait to take out my mini Christmas tree and decorate my room!

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Sprinkle Pug Autumn Stickers ♥ Stationery Haul

Sprinkle Pug Autumn Stickers
I have another Sprinkled Pug sticker haul to share with you guys, fall edition! I bought these stickers back in September/October which is why there are some Halloween stickers included. Liz designs are just too adorable that I just have to share her autumn releases. I can't wait to show you guys how I use these stickers in an autumn planner spread! Definitely, support Liz and her shop! She's slowly releasing her winter and holiday stickers which are so cute!

Sprinkle Pug Autumn Stickers
Fall leaves, Autumn colored dots and banners.

Sprinkle Pug Autumn Stickers
Autumn colored checklists, foxes and raccoons, coffee mugs, and leaves.

Sprinkle Pug Autumn Stickers
Boots, sweaters, and pumpkin frappuccinos!

Sprinkle Pug Autumn Stickers
Liz also included a mini autumn sampler, an extra sheet of Halloween stickers and a lovely note. Thank you Liz!

Sprinkle Pug Autumn Stickers
With this order, I also ordered a Halloween countdown sheet. Like I mentioned, I received these back in October, so thankfully I was able to use these. You can actually see them throughout my Blogtober planner spreads.

Sprinkle Pug Autumn Stickers
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Weekly Edit #20

Weekly Edit
#1 On Tuesday our wifi magically disappeared and we couldn't use the internet or watch television. Which is why I didn't post anything this week. We finally got it fixed yesterday but I have so much to catch up on. This is going to be a busy weekend.

#2 One thing you may not know about me is that I cannot stand the dark and quiet so I had a very difficult time sleeping this week because I wasn't able to have my television on whilst I slept. Now my sleeping schedule is all messed it. :(

#3 Have you seen Red Velvet's new music video yet? It's amazing! I love the creepy vibe! I haven't listened to Perfect Velvet yet but I plan to later today! Anyone else Red Velvet fan? 

#4 Thanksgiving is soon! This post on pumpkin pie was really interesting to read. Every year I make 2-3 dishes, Tofurkey and some sort of dessert. I think I'm going to try to make a vegan pumpkin pie this year but it was so interesting to read about different type of pumpkin pie recipes.

#5 I'm currently working on a bunch of crochet patterns for Blogmas. I'm so excited for you guys to see my finished projects! Don't worry if you don't know how to crochet because I will be posting some non-crochet projects as well.

#6 Who else is excited to see BTS perform at the American Music Awards this Sunday?

#7 My laptop is acting up. It's going so slow and freezes every few minutes. I'm going to try to clean it up this weekend. If anybody has any tips that can help my laptop run faster I would really appreciate it.

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Little Miss Paintbrush ♥ Sticker Haul

Little Miss Paintbrush Sticker Haul
Today I have a sticker haul from one of my favorite artists, Chichi! I've been following her since I found out she's the one who creates's the adorable illustrations for Japan Lover Me. I've been eyeing Chichi's Little Miss Paintbrush stickers for a long time but finally decided to place an order when she released her first zine. I'm a sucker for zines! Her shop has tons of stickers and prints available but I just bought the zine and a few sticker packets. If you want to place an order send a message on the Whimsicute Instagram aka Chichi's shop.

Little Miss Paintbrush Sticker Haul
Little Miss Paintbrush Sticker Haul
My order took 2 weeks to arrive (I live in the US and the shop ships from the Philippines). My order came a handwritten thank you note and lots of extra stickers! So sweet! The zine is called, 'Mumu Month'. Mumu means ghost in Filipino so it's 'ghost month'. The zine is 24 pages also came with a coloring page and pastel ghost stickers.

Little Miss Paintbrush Sticker Haul
If you read my October favorites then you already that I used some of these stickers to decorate my bullet journal. I got sticker pack 1,2,3 and 6. The designs are so cute it was so difficult to choose a couple packs. On my next order, I will definitely be picking up more stickers.

Little Miss Paintbrush Sticker Haul
Sticker pack 1
Little Miss Paintbrush Sticker Haul
Sticker pack 2
Little Miss Paintbrush Sticker Haul
Sticker pack 3
Little Miss Paintbrush Sticker Haul
Sticker pack 6
Little Miss Paintbrush Sticker Haul
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Weekly Edit #19

Weekly Edit
#1 Completed another crochet painting. This is by far my favorite one I've crocheted! This piece was inspired by latte art because I have such a fascination with everything coffee related. I actually started working on another latte art crochet painting at the moment which I will share once I complete it.

#2 I know everyone is getting super depressed because of the weather and that it's getting colder and darker but I love it! But I do understand seasonal depression though because I get it during summer.

#3 They started showing new episodes of Star vs. The Forces of Evil this week. The past two seasons they focused on Star Butterfly and her life on Earth but now we get to see her princess life on Mewni. I also love her new wand!

#4 Some of my favorite posts I read this week include this post by Michelle on 'How faking it actually helped me' I could really relate to this post because I went through a similar experience as she did. Another post that I could relate to was this post by Hannah. It's about how to accept a day that doesn't go your way (aka me this whole week!).

#5 I received another Hello Paper Cat order today. I've been obsessed with that shop ever since my last order. I can't wait to show you guys what I got this time! Check out my Instagram to see a sneak peek!

#6 I'm so proud of BTS! Not only will they be performing at the American Music Awards but they are also going to appear on Ellen and The Tonight Show! I've been following these boys since their debut so to see them succeed worldwide just warms my heart. I really hope America treats them well.

#7 This weekend I'm going to start shopping for Christmas supplies to use as props for my blogmas posts. I haven't seen the Target Christmas setup yet but I'm so excited to look through it this weekend.

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November Goals ♥ Blog & Lifestyle

November Blog & Lifestyle Goals
It's another new month which means another month to accomplish some new goals. I didn't do as well as I wanted in October and only managed to check off half of my goals but I would still consider that an accomplishment.

October Goals
1. Spending Ban
My stationery obsession got the better of me in October so I spent a lot of money on stationery supplies. I would love to try this again in November but that's when I start Christmas shopping so can't really.

2. Stick to my workout schedule

3. Post 2-4 times a week on Instagram
I did really well with this goal in October because of Blogtober. I gained a lot of new followers thanks to posting more frequently so I will continue to post as often as I can.

4. Post new items in my Etsy shop
I want to finish at least one more crochet piece before I open my shop. As soon as I finish it I will take pictures and post.

5. Start using my bullet journal again

6. Go to the doctor

November Goals
1. Have at least 2 weeks worth of Blogmas posts ready
Pretty much every blogger who is doing Blogmas this year has been planning since September so I need to catch up! This is my 3 or 4 time participating in Blogmas and knowing me I will wait until last minute and stress myself out! That's why I am making it my goal to at least have 2 weeks of Blogmas scheduled and ready to go. Ideally, I would love to have the whole month scheduled but I doubt I will be able to that.

2. Start Studying Korean Again
The reason why I purchased a Traveler's Notebook was to start studying Korean again. I've been on and off with Studying Korean ever since I graduated Highschool in 2011 since I didn't go to college it was a way for me to keep learning but over the years I've put on the backburner. My overall goal is to one day be able to listen to Korean music without looking up the lyrics and watch dramas without using subtitles but I know that will take forever! Baby steps first, start with 1-2 hours of self-study Korean lessons.

3. Reopen Etsy Shop
I'm going to attempt this goal again because this is something I really want to get done.

4. Start taking my blog serious
I've had to this blog for many years but I don't think I've ever taken blogging completely serious. I mean I've continued to blog because it's a fun way to express myself and I love meeting other bloggers who share similar passions as me. But I never sat down and learned about SEO, affiliates, how to make money from blogging, etc. I don't understand these things so I want to learn as much as I can this month because I have tons of goals for this blog but I know only I can take it there if I work hard enough.

5. Stop using my anxiety medicine
A couple years ago I was prescribed a medicine to help reduce heart palpitations that I would get due to stress and anxiety. Earlier this year I got a refill of the same medicine but just the other day I read the side effects from this medicine that I've been taking (I know I should've read this a long time ago) and everything just clicked! I've been feeling really depressed recently (I mean more than usual, lol) but I'm pretty sure it's due to this medicine. I've always been pro-medication because if something is supposed to help you why not take it right? Well, now I'm not so sure. Now I understand why some people refuse to use medicine because of those damn side effects.

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Beauty & Lifestyle Favorites ♥ October 2017

October 2017 Favorites
Last month I combined my monthly beauty and lifestyle favorites into one post and this month I've decided to do the same. I used to separate my favorites into two because I didn't want to make one long post but now I'm like the idea of grouping them all together in one lengthy post. Let me know what you guys prefer.

October 2017 Favorites
Cosrx Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion with Birch Sap
It's a very light moisturizer, ideal if you have a multi-step layering routine. It has a lemony scent but not in an annoying kitchen cleaner type of way. I also love the pump dispenser because if you're into K-beauty you know that this type of packaging is rare to find.

Essence Lash Princess - Sculpted Volume Mascara
I bought this a while ago and have been using it pretty much every time I've gotten ready. The curved wand helps with curling, which is nice since I don't use a traditional eyelash curler and always looking for a way to make my lashes stay curled longer. I still prefer the False Lash Effect Mascara but this would be my second favorite mascara by Essence.

Nature's Truth Essential Oil Roll-On Blend - Lavender
Whilst deep in the blog world I found a post on ways to reduce stress (I never bookmark these pages, why?). As a rather stressful individual, I decided to take one of the tips which were to keep relaxing essential oils within your reach. So I bought this roll-on lavender blend and bring with me wherever I go and it actually helps! I also apply some on my wrists so that the scent lingers while I'm working.

Elizavecca Hell Pore Control Hyaluronic Acid Serum
This is my newest addition to my skincare routine. This serum helps reduce signs of early aging and contains whitening benefits. After using this my skin feels moisturized, supple, and my pores have somewhat faded.

October 2017 Favorites
Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal
October was definitely the month of stationery for me. I bought tons of new goods and started to use empty notebooks that I haven't used in months, my bullet journal being one of them. I used it to help plan my Blogtober posts, track my finances and even got creative and made a blog ideas page. Maybe I will make a post featuring some of these pages.

Little Miss Paintbrush Stickers
One of the reasons why I didn't use my bullet journal was because of the cover. As you can probably tell I love cute pastel looking things and my bullet journal was the complete opposite of that! It was black, boring and the cover was wrecked from previous stickers that I had taken off. I decided to give my journal a makeover and placed these adorable Little Miss Paintbrush stickers all over the cover to hide all the blemishes. Now I love my bullet journal! There will be a Little Miss Paintbrush/Whimsicute haul coming soon!

Hello Paper Cat Halloween Magnetic Bookmarks
My order from Hello Paper Cat filled was definitely a highlight for me this month. If you saw my October planner spreads then you saw that I used them every week. It's sad that I now have to say goodbye to them. I mean I can probably still get away with using the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup bookmark but I will have to wait next year to use the Candy Dish.

Pusheen Candy Corn Plush Keychain
This was my first time getting a Pusheen blind box and now I want more! I think the size of these plush keychains is perfect for your purse, backpack, keys, etc. I want to get some of the Christmas Pusheens next!

October 2017 Favorites
Stacy's Baked Pita Chips - Simply Naked
My love for pita chips was rekindled in October. I remember trying these a long time ago but was instantly reminded when I saw them in our kitchen pantry. I decided to buy my own bag and have been in love! I have a huge sweet tooth but every now and then I get a craving for something salty, these pita chips satisfy that craving.

Clif Bar - Peanut Butter Banana with Dark Chocolate
Another favorite flavor from Clif. I hate dark chocolate but you can't even taste it in these bars only the peanut butter and banana.

October 2017 Favorites
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