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Hello Paper Cat ♥ Stationery Haul

Hello Paper Cat Haul
Ever since my previous Hello Paper Cat order, I've been obsessed with the shop. I even stalk the Instagram to stay on top of any new releases or special promotions. Over the weekend I may have placed another order (#sorrynotsorry) so don't be surprised if you see another Hello Paper Cat haul on my blog soon! By the way, I didn't even know that I used the exact same background and Tsum Tsum as my previous haul, my bad!

Hello Paper Cat Haul
I have so many mini Happy Planner dashboards at this point that I don't really need any new ones but I got sucked in because of the cute designs! Last time I decided to skip out on the BTS dashboard because I didn't want to look like a crazy fan but I regretted not buying it days later so this time it was the first thing I added to my cart! There is actually a new BTS DNA collection out and I want everything!!!

The other planner dashboard I bought was this one with a vintage deer. I wanted a woodland theme that I could use in autumn/winter so I went with this one. I didn't notice that both of the covers had a pink polka dot background. If I had noticed earlier I would've bought a different one, oh well.

Hello Paper Cat Haul
You guys know how much I love anything coffee related! So when I saw these coffee bookmarks I knew I had to get some. Ideally, I would've bought the whole set but I already have so many bookmarks so I settled with two just for now I may go back and buy the rest later though.

One of the freebies I received with my order was this cute bunny planner bookmark. So cute!

Hello Paper Cat Haul
My two stationery obsessions have been pens (let me know if you would like to see a pen haul/swatch test or if that sounds too weird) and die cuts. For a long time, I didn't get what die cuts were but they're basically stickers. I bought this set of die cuts to use as blog background props so you will be seeing a lot of these ladies in upcoming posts.

The other free gift that I got was the same pastel planner designs but in die-cut form.

Hello Paper Cat Haul
The pug-kin page maker that I bought in my last HPC order has been one of the most used stationery items in autumn so I decided to buy another one to give the pug a break. This pink haired girl is named Elodie and she is holding one of my favorite drinks, a pumpkin spice latte. She's laminated and sturdy perfect to keep tucked in your planner.

Hello Paper Cat Haul
Lastly, I picked up some cute stickers! They had the same Elodie stickers but these are smaller which makes them even cuter than the die-cuts! I also got this Sailor Moon sticker set because I also wanted these last time so I got them this time.

Hello Paper Cat Haul
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  1. I'm honestly so jealous of your stationery collection! It seems like you're entire room must be filled with the stuff! Haha

    Indya || tinyurl.com/thesmalladventurer

    1. I wish! I honestly don't think I have that much stationery. Everything is organized neatly so it isn't everywhere. The day I can't organize my stationery is the day I will admit defeat to my stationery addiction! haha ♥


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