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My Favorite BTS Songs

My Favorite BTS Songs
I've followed BTS (or Bangtan Boys) since they debuted in 2013 with No More Dream. My younger sister was a huge fan of them and we would watch every variety show that they were on back in the day. Fast forward to 2017 and now they're performing on US television shows and BTS is set to perform at a New Year's Rockin' Eve! I'm so proud of them!

As a K-pop fan whenever I see Korean groups get international fame I can't help but feel so proud of them. Korean idols train for years just to get a chance to debut and even then they never know if their group will be successful or not. The Korean music industry is so competitive so BTS deserves all the attention they're currently getting. I put together this playlist of my favorite BTS songs so those who are new or have never heard of BTS can enjoy their incredible music.

My Favorite BTS Songs
Believe it or BTS has been around since 2013 and they have a very impressive music collection. I put together this playlist featuring some of my favorite songs starting with their first to their latest album. My favorite albums are Wings/You Never Walk Alone and Love Yourself. I recommend hearing both of those entirely because it's so hard to pick a few favorites from those albums. Some of the songs in my playlist have music videos so I recommend watching those to watch their amazing choreography!

Who is your favorite BTS member? I love them all but V holds a special place in my heart.

My Favorite BTS Songs
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