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Weekly Edit #47

Weekly Edit
#1 This week Kim Jong-hyun passed away. He was the lead vocalist of Shinee. Saying he had an amazing voice would be an understatement. As you guys know I'm a huge K-pop fan but I'm not biased towards any group. Shinee was one of the first Korean boy groups that I started listening to. I knew all the members and would listen to each member 's solo songs. I'm not great with words but this post written by Jasmine was beautifully written. She somehow managed to take all my thoughts and write them down. Down below I listed some of my favorite songs by Jonghyun below so you guys can listen to his music for yourself. It's such a shame to see such a talented artist like Jonghyun go.

#2 I hope you guys enjoyed the 12 Days of DIY posts. I honestly didn't think I would finish this year but every year I somehow managed to make 12 projects. What was your favorite DIY?

#3 One more week until Blogmas! Is it sad that I want this month to end just so that I can finally relax? I know some people only blog up until Christmas Day but I always complete the month because it's so close to the end why not just add a few days, right? The only post that I don't have ready is the 'What I Got For Christmas' post which will probably go up the after Christmas but aside from that all of my posts are ready to go.

#4 It was my mother's 50th birthday on Wednesday. My dad got her chocolates, roses, wrote a letter and balloons. Inside the box of chocolates was $1000 that was folded into hearts. My dad didn't know what to give my mother so he said to use that money to buy herself whatever she wants. If that isn't #goals I don't know what is.

#5 Nobody asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I mean my younger sister asked me for a list but my parents didn't ask me and my mom said she already got my gift. I'm pretty sure my sister showed them but I think I know what I might get. I love surprises but my family sucks at surprising me.

#6 I tried the Starbucks eggnog latte earlier this week because I always hear other bloggers mentioning it so I decided to try it. It was DISGUSTING! The smell didn't help it either and made me want to gag! I ordered a soy version though and the barista was telling me that it was made using non-fat milk but they still managed to make me one with soy milk maybe that's why it tasted weird?

#7 This week was difficult for me. Jonghyun's passing affected me more than I thought it would. Every time I thought I was done feeling sad a picture, video, or someone would mention him and all the feelings would come back. But I know a lot of people who were discussing him also were going through the same emotions so it made me feel better and that it's ok to feel this way.

I always feel somewhat guilty when famous people die because who am I to feel this way when I didn't even know them personally? As fans, we only know a certain side of them, unlike their friends and family. My heart aches when I think about how his family, fellow members, and friends must be feeling. You did well Jonghyun.

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