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Coffee Chat #2

Coffee Chat
#1 Color swatch nails have been my latest obsession. I saw them on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu first and loved the look so I decided to recreate them myself. Last week I painted them purple, this week I went with a pink color scheme and next week I plan on going with a turquoise theme. It really easy! All you need is 5 nail polishes within the same color family.

#2 Every time I do these 30-day yoga challenges I notice how weak my back is. Which I find ironic because I heard that yoga is supposed to make your back stronger.

#3 I posted my first crochet pattern of the year this week. My goal is to post 1-2 patterns a month. I have also decided to continue the BT21 series because I've been getting comments to create the rest of the characters so I will! My plan is to post one BT21 pattern a month. I will be posting my next BT21 pattern later this month!

#4 I've been really loving JYP's new boy group, Stray Kids. I loved "Hellevator" when I first listened to it and now I can't get "Grrr" out of my head, it's been on loop ever since it was released! Since I can't add JYP music to my Spotify playlists I decided to share it here in case you haven't heard of them.

#5 This week I posted my top 17 songs of 2017 plus I updated my blog playlist so if you are interested to give it a listen.

#6 Are you a coffee or tea person? Tea is alright but I'm a coffee addict all the way! I just prefer a strong flavor of coffee. I've tried adding two tea bags in my cup but all I ever taste is water and I leave my tea bags in for the entire time! Don't get me wrong I do enjoy tea but if I had to choose between the two coffee will always win my heart.

#7 Sorry if this week's coffee chat wasn't interesting. Nothing interesting happened to me this week so there wasn't much to report.

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  1. Ooh those colour swatches nails look super cute, I've never seen them before but I defo want to try them now! 🤗


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