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Coffee Chat #3

Coffee Chat
#1 I had a digital detox earlier this week. I unfollowed over 200 accounts on Instagram! Most of the pages I unfollowed were old Youtubers that I don't watch anymore, Etsy sticker shops, and ghost accounts where the person doesn't post anymore so I didn't feel bad.

#2 SM Entertainment decided to release Jonghyun's album Poet | Artist this week. He had been working on a comeback before his passing and had even filmed a music video. I had to mentally prepare myself but I still cried watching the music videos but I'm pretty sure most people did as well. My favorite songs from the album are GreaseOnly One You Need, and Before Our Spring.

#3 I've been watching Sanrio Boys and I low key kind of love it! I'm not a fan of anime but when I heard that Sanrio was coming out with one that involves boys who are fans of Sanrio characters I couldn't resist! For those who don't know what Sanrio Boys is about it's an anime about high school boys who are fans of Sanrio characters, pretty self-explanatory.

#4 This week the new Overwatch Blizzard World update was released and I am living for the black cat D.VA skin! Thankfully I had a lot of coins saved so I instantly got the skin the day it was released. Who else is loving Blizzard World map?

#5 So much music was released this week. First with Jonghyun's album dropped then iKON and Davichi released new albums too. Plus, Red Velvet's comeback is set for this weekend, I'm so excited!

#6 I've have had the worst luck this week. Not only did our toilet paper handle fall off (twice) but so did our shower door, I got two pimples on the side of my cheek (the same side), a cable from the television in our game randomly fall off and Mercury isn't even in retrograde!

#7 I updated my Etsy shop! Check out this post for more details. Even if you aren't interested I would really appreciate it if you could spread the word about my shop.

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