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Collective Stationery Haul ♥ Amazon, Target, & Etsy

Collective Stationery Haul
You guys know how much I adore stationery. For the past month, I've collected a nice stash of stationery from stores such as Target, Etsy, Amazon, and my favorite place, the Target Dollar Spot. Since I haven't shared a stationery haul in a while but I wanted to post one today because some I discovered some adorable things and I wanted to share.

Collective Stationery Haul
White-out is one of my planner essential so I always make sure that I always have on hand. I bought this milk bottle correction tape set on Amazon because I wanted it ASAP but you can probably find this set for a lot less eBay.

I bought the Sumikko Gurashi notepad from a store at the mall back in December. The Sumikko Gurashi characters are some of my favorites but it's so hard to find their products here in the states so I was surprised to find this notepad at my local mall.

Collective Stationery Haul
Target always has the best Valentine's Day collection and this year was no difference! The Dollar Spot also has a lot of cute pink Valentine's Day items. I bought those two packs of heart-shaped doilies and two rolls of washi tape.

Collective Stationery Haul
I'm such a fan of checklists so when I saw this notepad and sticky note it was a no-brainer!

Collective Stationery Haul
I've followed The Angel Shoppe for a while on Instagram but never bought anything until now. When I saw this planner page maker it was too cute to pass up (I was going through a die cut phase at the time). I also bought a candle die cut but was disappointed because they gave me the wrong color. I was surprised at how small the die cuts came but I will still use them.

It took 2 weeks for my order to ship and then a whole month for it to arrive! These were Christmas items so I was hoping they would arrive before the end of December but they didn't until the end of January. As cute as the designs are I think I won't be purchasing anything from The Angel Shoppe until they improve their shipping time.

Collective Stationery Haul
Lastly, I wanted to share my latest Sprinkled Pug stickers that I received over the past few weeks. I cannot wait to use those heart-shaped pizzas in February!

Collective Stationery Haul
I'm so happy Liz made Nintendo Switch stickers and they're pastel too! She also made some Fuck It! stickers and Pastel Instagram stickers.

Collective Stationery Haul
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  1. I have ordered from The Angel Shoppe about couple of years ago maybe? I really did like it back then, but now that the shop is more fabous, there is too many reasons why I don't order from there anymore :( Shipping time is the first one. But oh Sprinkled Pug, I still haven't ordered from her! Those stickers looks so cute and good quality!

    Heidi ✨ | Heidi’s Planner

    1. I'm a pretty patience person but it was almost 2 months just for two diecuts which I don't think was worth it. I do recommend Sprinkled Pug though I get her stickers within a week and she is always releasing new stickers. ♥


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