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BT21 Tata Plush ♥ Crochet Pattern

BT21 Tata Plush Crochet Pattern
It's time for another BT21 plush crochet pattern! This month I'm making Tata because he's created by my personal favorite BTS member, V. I originally wanted to post this pattern before Valentine's Day because Tata is heart-shaped but I had planned to post the Twice Valentine's Cards first and didn't want to have two patterns up around the same time but better late than never, right?

"From BT Planet, Tata is very curious about everything." Tata is also a shapeshifter and can transform into anything he desires which is why you may sometimes find him in different shapes. I love that Tata came out like how V imagined him and how his drawing came was close to his initial sketch.

I crocheted Tata using the same body pattern as I did with Chimmy but left a row of two out to make his body a bit smaller. Tata's heart-shaped head is his focal point and what I concentrated on the most. I could've made to separate heart shapes and sewing them together but I really wanted to challenge myself and make one piece and I think it came out really well.

BT21 Tata Plush Crochet Pattern
- Red worsted yarn
- Blue worsted yarn
- H/5.00 mm crochet hook
- Polyfil stuffing
- Black felt
- Yellow felt
- Glue
- Scissors
- Yarn needle

Ch(s) - chain(es)
St(s) - stitch(es)
Cc - color change
Slst - slip stitch
Sc - single crochet
Dec - decrease
Flo - front loop only
(x2) - repeat __ amount of times
[(x)] - follow everything between [x] the number of times in (x)

BT21 Tata Plush Crochet Pattern
With red yarn
- Magic circle 8 sts. Total = 8 sts
- 2sc in each st (x8) Total = 16 sts
- Sc 16 sts (x5). Total = 16 sts
Cut off

- Magic circle 8 sts. Total = 8 sts
- 2sc in each st (x8) Total = 16 sts
- Sc 16 sts (x7). Total = 16 sts
*Slst next st, attach this part to the first piece (the smaller piece of the heart)*
- Sc 32 sts (x2). Total = 32 sts
- [Dec, sc 5 sts, dec (x2)], [sc 5 sts, dec (x2)], sc 5 sts. Total = 26 sts
- Sc 26 sts. Total = 26 sts
*start stuffing*
- Dec, sc 4 sts (x3). Total = 21 sts
- Sc 21 sts. Total = 21 sts
- Dec, sc 3 sts, dec, sc 2 sts, dec, sc 1 st, dec, sc 3 sts. Total = 16 sts
- Sc, dec (x8). Total = 8 sts
- Dec (x4). Total 4 sts
Cut off

Body + Legs
With blue yarn
- Magic circle 8 sts. Total = 8 sts
- Sc 8 sts (x4). Total = 8 sts
Cut off (only first leg)

Make the second leg but DO NOT cut off. Attach the second leg by ch 2, slst to a stitch on the first leg. Now you will be creating the body.

- Sc 8 sts, sc 2 flo, sc 8 sts, sc 2 flo. Total = 20 sts
- Sc 20 sts (x7). Total = 20 sts
- Dec 1, sc 1 (x10). Total = 10 sts
*start stuffing*
- Dec 5 sts. Total = 5 sts
Cut off

Arms (make 2)
With blue yarn
- Magic circle 6 sts. Total = 6 sts
- Sc 6 sts (x5). Total = 6 sts
Cut off, leave long tail for sewing

BT21 Tata Plush Crochet Pattern
Time to sew everything together! Sew the arms to the body. Then sew the head to the body.

Cut out Tata's face and dots with the yellow and black felt. I cut out a total of 13 dots. There are a couple different versions of Tata with his dots so I just picked one photo and followed the placement of Tata's dots. Glue and press down lightly to secure.

BT21 Tata Plush Crochet Pattern
Now Tata can join his friends Van and Chimmy! Check out those patterns if you haven't already. Want to know who I will be crocheting next? Well Easter is coming soon!*wink*

Who is your favorite BT21 character?

BT21 Tata Plush Crochet Pattern
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  1. OMG this is the cutest!!


    Ellie xx

  2. owwwww, this is awesome *_* I really want to do it. Who will you do next? It is very LSAKSJDHFSDJLKAI CUUUUUTE.

    1. I hope you get a chance to make Tata. My next pattern will be up really really soon! ♥

  3. Thank you for this this is sooo cute!


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