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Coffee Chat #4

Coffee Chat
#1 First off I just want to say thank you to those who have shared the links to my Etsy shop or have bought somethings. It took a lot of courage for me to even reopen my shop so it means the world to me that you guys want to support me.

#2 Earlier this week Vicki reopened her shop and I was lucky enough to pick up some D.Va prints! I've been a fan of her art for a long time and have been waiting for her to reopen her shop because I want some of her prints. I will share them when they arrive.

#3 Lately I've been feeling like my photos aren't the best. Granted I've been taking pictures at different times so they would all look different but even with editing they just haven't been up to my standard. I had a blog post prepared for yesterday but decided against posting it because I hated the photos. I know we all go through these moments of not feeling like we are good enough and I've been here plenty of times before and know that this moment will pass eventually.

#4 I finished the TRUE - 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. Every time I complete one of these 30-day yoga journeys I notice something different. This time around I got sore which is new for me because I've never gotten sore by doing yoga before. However, I personally love feeling that soreness for some reason because I feel like my body worked hard and is improving.

#5 I update my blog playlist with my favorite songs of the month. January was an amazing start to kick off the year! You can listen to the playlist, which you can find on the side of my blog.

#6 They are going to do the Lunar event for Overwatch this year again and I'm so excited! The D.Va skin with her wearing the hanbok is my favorite and I've been waiting for this event to come back just so that I get it. The year of the dog event starts on February 8!

#7 What is up with all these platforms trying to bring down small businesses? Do these companies not remember when they were a small business and didn't have a huge following? Hopefully, a new platform will come out that supports the 'little people' because we sure do need one right about now!

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