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Coffee Chat #6

Coffee Chat
#1 All I've been watching since last Friday Thursday has been the Winter Olympics! There are two channels that I flip through on my television and when I want to watch an event live I watch it on the app. Figure skating is my favorite to watch but curling is entertaining too! haha

#2 Happy Lunar New Year! This year it's the year of the dog so Lucy is especially happy!

#3 This week MayDesigns featured one of my Instagram pictures in their newsletter which was really nice of them.

#4 On Valentine's Day my family gave me lots of chocolate and my younger sister even bought cupcakes! With that said I've been in a huge dessert coma since. I have a huge sweet tooth but I'm getting tired of all the sweets, never thought I would say that. lol

#5 I'm still obsessed with iKon's Return album. It came out earlier this year and it's still on loop!
My favorite songs are Love Scenario, One and Only, Hug Me, Don't Forget, and Long Time No See.  Some of these songs are on my side blog playlist so go give them a listen. Even if you aren't a fan of iKon and want to hear so new music.

#6 Lucy's birthday is next week! She's turning 4 (aka 20 in human years). I can't believe we've had her for almost 4 years it feels like longer, I can't imagine my life without her.

#7 This week I started using @FemaleBloggerRT and their hashtags to help spread the word of my blog. The only time I use hashtags is when I use Instagram but I should really start using them on Twitter more since it's my most used social media. If you guys know of any other Twitter accounts that support blogs let me know.

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  1. The cupcakes sound amazing and a huge Happy Birthday to Lucy for next week! :) x x
    Ellis // http://www.elliswoolley.co.uk

  2. Happy New Lunar Year! I hope that the Year Of a Dog will be good to all the doggos :D Time is so quick, I feel like I've got my Fifi for couple months only and this year it's going to be 2 years. The hashtag sounds really interesting :)

    1. Time flies by so quickly! We got Lucy a few months when she was a pup but she grew really fast! I miss her puppy days. ♥

  3. FemaleBloggerRT is a good one, but I also really like to tag GRLSWhoCreate (no "I" in girls) as they retweet my posts quite often! I check what other people are tagging in their tweets for inspiration too ☺️

    Indya || The Small Adventurer

    1. Thanks! I will definitely check out that tag. ♥

  4. I wonder how the cupcakes looked like :3 ☃ ❄

    Blog de la Licorne

    1. They were vanilla cupcakes with pink and red frosting with heart sprinkles. ♥


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