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Hello Paper Cat ♥ Collective Stationery Haul

Stationery Haul
Guess who placed another order from Hello Paper Cat? Me, that's who! I love that Seriya has been adding more Kpop and Kdrama stationery goods to her shop and I heard that she'll be adding more soon which I can't wait to see! I also bought some nerdy stationery that includes StarWars, Overwatch, and Sailor Moon related items. Make sure to follow Seriya's Instagram for special releases, coupons, and sneak peeks.

Stationery Haul
Some of the new releases that I picked up were the Red Velvet, Porg, and Goblin sticker flakes. I also didn't know that Hello Paper Cat carried Overwatch stickers so I made sure to add those as well because as you guys know I'm currently obsessed with Overwatch.

Stationery Haul
Even though I probably don't need any more bookmarks I couldn't resist myself and bought three! The Baymax, Red Velvet Irene, and BTS V (my baby) magnetic bookmark. I'm so glad she added Red Velvet to her shop! I hear she will be releasing a GOT7 collection next and I'm pumped!

She also included a Sombra bookmark which is so sweet of her! I almost bought the D.Va bookmark but talked myself out of it last minute so it was sweet of her to include s Overwatch bookmark.

Stationery Haul
Aren't these Sailor Moon Bubble Bath stickers the cutest? I love how it comes with a bunch of beauty stickers too. I also picked up the Sailor Scout sticker sheet even though I bought the Sailor Scout sticker flakes last time but this sheet comes with Princess Serenity, Chibi, and Luna!

The Steven Universe sticker sheet came free when you bought over $10, which I obviously did. Another freebie that I received with my order was the Elodie die cut which you can't buy separately but you can find the same design in bookmark form here.

Stationery Haul
I also wanted to include these BT21 stickers and washi tape that I bought off of eBay because they're so cute and affordable! I know they aren't official BT21 merch but I don't think they have any BT21 stationery at the moment so these will have to do until they release stationery.

Stationery Haul
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  1. Cute choices! Great gets, you make me want to splurge and go on a sticker shopping spree!

  2. Ahhhh I love everything, I definitely want to start getting more fanmade merch I just missed out on a fanart event here but apparently there's going to be a JYP themed one in May so I'll definitely try to go to that and support all the awesome artists xoxo


    1. I love it when artists make fanmade stuff! The more kpop stationery I can use the better! haha ♥


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