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Coffee Chat #8

Coffee Chat
#1 I started off my week freshly showered with a new shiny manicure and on a Sunday night, Lucy comes in from outside with a VERY poopy bum. UGH! The things we do for our pets.

#2 After posting this post I received a lot of positive comments so thank you if you reached out. I will get better because I've been through similar rough patches in the past and I've always managed to get through those experiences and it's made me a stronger person as a result. Maybe I need to suffer all these deep emotions right now to truly enjoy my amazing future that lies ahead. Sorry if I'm getting too cheesy but I truly believe in that type of stuff.

#3 Because the Winter Olympics were held in South Korea there weren't that many new Kpop releases in February so this week a lot of new songs were released or announced. I'm super hyped for GOT7 and NCT2018 newest releases!

#4 I also updated my blog playlist so check it out if you are interested in some new tunes. No. I can't go a week without mentioning something Kpop related. #kpoptrash4lyfe

#5 Last week, I mentioned Ellis's Kickstarter and this week I'm happy to report that she met her goal, I'm so excited for Ellis! I can't wait for my tote bag to arrive! Don't worry I will share pictures when it arrives.

#6 This week I saw somebody leave there version of the Chimmy pattern that I posted last month. If any of you ever crochet any of my patterns you can leave pictures of your creation on Ravelry. If you are a knitter or crocheter you can search for new patterns on there and even post progress pictures of your projects. Check out my page with all of my patterns here.

#7 An Ulta open next to my local Target (which I visit often). This weekend is it's Grand Opening! if you have any cruelty-free product recommendations I would really appreciate it. I'm looking for new hair products, maybe a mask or treatment.

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  1. I'm so happy that Ellis achieved her kickstarter goal too, I'm so excited to see her making more products, eeeek!

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    1. I'm so excited to receive my tote in the mail! ♥


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