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Coffee Chat #16

coffee chat
#1 Tomorrow I will be updating my shop with the dolls I mentioned in this post.  If you are interested in one of those dolls make sure you are following me on Twitter or Instagram for updates.

#2 I'm so happy for BTS! They will be performing at the Billboard Music Awards again this year on May 20. I just hope that this year the camera focus on the group while they're performing and not the audience. Last year when BTS was performing all over US television they would quickly cut off the boys while they were performing just to show the audience. As a fan, I want to see my boys not a group of randoms. #justsayin

#3 I've been really annoyed with myself for randomly posting. I try to post 4 times a week and rest on Wednesday and weekends but now I'm just trying to post 2-4 times a week, still resting on weekends. I like following a posting schedule but sometimes stuff doesn't happen the way you want.

#4 Pusheen featured one of my photos on their timeline this week. I've been a Pusheen fan for years so it was a huge honor for me. Go check out the Pusheen official Instagram and double-tap my picture.

#5 My second Vicksigh order came in this week. I bought another D.Va sticker and an adorable casual Widowmaker print. Look at this Widowmaker print! Amelie (Widowmaker's real name) in casual outfits is just too cute! Wouldn't it be amazing if Blizzard made a skin like that?

#6 What are your skincare holy grails? I need skincare recommendations because my skin is really bugging me and I still have no reason why. All I ever drink is water (I never drink soda), I'm pretty healthy, and I just washed my pillowcases. I'm still thinking it could be a product in my routine.

#7 My sister and I are going to go watch Avengers: Infinity War tomorrow. I'm so excited! We're going early so hopefully, there won't be too many people. The film is 2 hours and 30 minutes! How am I going to survive?

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  1. Ooh have fun watching infinity war! I can't wait to watch it ! Thst print is soo pretty, the aet style is beautiful!

    1. I'm so excited for it Infinity War even though I haven't seen all the movies, hopefully I can keep up! haha

      Isn't that print beautiful? Vicki is so talented! ♥

  2. I've been loving me some Innisfree products. I use their bija trouble skin products but they have a wide range of other amazing items. I'd suggest you buy some of their samples on ebay before committing in case they don't agree with your sensitive skin!
    Those dolls are precious, and holy cow I had no clue Infinity War was that long!

  3. The funny thing is that I don't have sensitive skin, I have normal/combination. I also don't have acne but recently all these stubborn pimples started coming and some are leaving ugly scars. I've never had any major skin problems like this before and it's really making me insecure.

    I never thought about buying samples before purchasing the full-size products before but it makes sense! Thanks for the tip ♥

    1. I'm plagued with sensitive skin, but hardly get pimples as well. I get them mainly when I'm stressed out, or I've put something on my face I wasn't supposed to. Innisfree with the combination of the amount of water I drink keeps my face pimple free [with the occasional stress bump] and "youthful" lol. I also use Oxi Pads from time to time too since they've been the only American acne product that didn't break me out.

    2. I'm always stressed but I have to admit I have been under extra amount of stress lately. All I ever drink is water so I don't think that is the problem. I've only used a few Innisfree products in the past, including the Bija cleansing gel (which I loved), maybe I should start using more of their products. I used the Oxi pads when I was a teen but now use the Cosra pimple pads which I highly recommend. ♥


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