Graze Box ♥ Taste Test

Graze Box Taste Test
In 2013, I was subscribed to Graze (I used to always post my Graze boxes when I receive them but I've since deleted those posts) and would get excited every time I would get a new box because that meant new snacks! A few weeks ago, I saw Graze on my Instagram timeline (not from an advertisement) so I got curious to see how the company has changed so I browsed through the site and they offered a new box so I decided to resubscribe to get my first box free and wanted to share with you guys my experience.

Back in my day, they only sent you a box of four variety snacks for around $5 but now they've doubled the snacks for $13.99. What I love about Graze is that they have a slew of healthy snacks that are individually packaged and preportioned making it the perfect snack for school, work or travel.

Graze Box Taste Test
Graze also offers this pamphlet with all of the nutritional information for each snack.

I wanted to make a taste test featuring all of the snacks that I tried in this box and rating them like they do on the Graze website.

Love - Would buy them again
Like - Wouldn't mind trying them again
Dislike - Would not try again

Graze Box Taste Test
Sweet Memphis Barbecue - Barbecue peas, salsa peanuts, and wild rice sticks.
Smoky, not sweet, nutty and savory.

The Cheese Board - Cheese flavored almonds, cheddar bruschetta, gouda puffs + cheese flavored cashews.
Cheesy and nutty.

Peach + Rhubarb Pick-Me-Up - Dried rhubarb slices, pear, and peach fruit drops.
I didn't like this snack at all! The dried rhubarb pieces tasted gross. I liked the pear and peach drops but mine didn't come with too many but there were tons of those darn rhubarb pieces! Tastes like gummy candy but healthier for you.

Veggie Caesar - Sour cream + onion half popped corn, cheddar bruschetta + edamame beans.
I was unsure about the popcorn but it wasn't bad, just salty. I wasn't a fan of the edamame beans, they were hard and the taste was odd (this was my first time eating edamame) but overall I liked this treat.

Graze Box Taste Test
Snickerdoodle Dip with cinnamon pretzel sticks - Creamp snickerdoodle cookie drip with crunchy cinnamon pretzel dippers.
The snickerdoodle dip tastes like the cookie butter from Trader Joe's. The cinnamon on the pretzel sticks is very subtle but the sticks taste have no flavor!

Summer Berry Flapjack - Rustic rolled oat flapjack with berry-infused cranberries.
Tastes like standard oat bars with berries. I pretty much every flapjack I've ever received from Graze and these are no different.

Sweet Rhubarb Jam - Rhubarb slices, apples, and cranberries.
MORE RHUBARB! What is rhubarb anyways? This is basically the Peach + Rhubarb Pick-Me-Up but with different fruit. If you crave gummy candies then these are for you.

Raspberry and Coconut Muffin - Raspberry infused cranberries, almond silvers, amaretti drops and coconut flakes.

Graze Box Taste Test
If anybody is interested in trying out Graze here is a code to get your first Graze box for free! Only one is available so first come, first serve. Code: GIFT4U

Graze Box Taste Test
Have you tried Graze before?

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