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My Crochet Essentials ♥ What's Inside My Crochet Pouch

Inside My Crochet Pouch
Whenever I start a new project I whip out my crochet pouch. My crochet pouch contains all the necessary tools I need to start crocheting a new project. Over the weekend I ran a Twitter poll to see what crochet-related post you all would like to see and a lot of you were curious about what's in my crochet bag so here it is!

Remember these are just my crochet essentials that I use the most. Everything in the pouch serves a purpose but that doesn't mean I use each item every single time I begin a new project.

Inside My Crochet Pouch
The pouch I use is this one that I got off of eBay for a few dollars. The design is super cute, I mean it's in the shape of a milk carton! It's the perfect size for my hooks, scissors, and needles which is why I use it as my crochet pouch.

Inside My Crochet Pouch
Inside my pouch, I keep two pairs of scissors, one for felt and another for yarn. Three different crochet hook sizes, G, H, and I (these are my most used sizes). Pen and pencil to use for pattern writing and sketches. Yarn sewing needle. White thread. In that clear blue case, I keep crochet place makers. Measuring tape. Scrap piece of pink yarn from a previous project. Black safety eyes. Lastly, I have a MooeyAndFriends business card and keychain finding.

Inside My Crochet Pouch
What are your crochet essentials?

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