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Games That Influenced Me ♥ Favorite Video Games

Games That Changed My Life
A couple weeks ago I saw "the 4 games that changed your life" or something like that trending on Twitter. I thought about tweeting my four games that impacted my childhood but I simply couldn't pick just 4 games. If you didn't know I've been gaming since I was very young so its a huge part of my life.

Instead of sharing 4 games I picked some of my favorite games that really influenced my life. I won't go too far into detail about each game but instead, just share a few of my favorite things about the game. Sorry in advance for the long post! I'm very passionate when it comes to video games. haha

Sypro the Dragon
I'm pretty sure this was one of the first games that I completed. The whole game is pretty whimsicalness because of the dragons, various realms, and fairies. I would always get excited when I saw a crystal dragon statue! We still have our original Play Station so a few years ago my younger sister and I replayed the game. They are releasing a new version later this year! I've seen some graphics online and they're breathtaking!

I got into fighting games at a young age because my younger cousin would play Tekken and whenever we had family gatherings all of us (the rest of my cousins) would play multiplayer together. I don't think my parents ever bought me a copy of Tekken probably because of violence or the fact that you had to be of a certain age to buy the games.

My favorite thing about Tekken was the diversity of the characters. They all came from different countries and some spoke different languages. Tekken 7 is probably my favorite release so far because almost half of the fighters are women, back in the day they only had 2-3 female characters. I think most people think gaming is for boys (*eye roll*) so seeing more playable women characters in video games is very empowering.

Tomb Raider
Speaking of empowering, let's talk about Tomb Raider! I actually never played Tomb Raider or at least not the actual game. Again, I was really young when the game came out so I would watch my dad and then my older sister play. The only part I would play was the pregame when Lara was in her mansion. I especially loved playing the second Tomb Raider game because her estate was fully furnished and I got to see more details of her home.

Pokemon was a huge part of my childhood. I would watch the movies, collect the cards, and video games. I played Silver and Ruby on the Gameboy but mostly remember playing Ruby. I only caught cute Pokemon and would always use Everstones on my starter Pokemon because I thought they look ugly when evolved (I still do this, haha). When I was younger my favorite part was leveling up the Pokemon and building a bond with them but now I just want to finish the game asap.

Final Fantasy 3
It was Final Fantasy 3 that got me into RPG games. My older sister always played Final Fantasy games but I was always intimidated by them because they looked complex. When Square Enix released the remake of FF3 for Nintendo DS I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to start. I adore the tales the Final Fantasy series follow and because of FF3, I started playing more RPGs like played Bravely Default.

Kingdom Hearts
Another RPG that influenced my life was Kingdom Hearts. The main story is kind of corny but I think what makes Kingdom Hearts popular is the combination of Square Enix and Disney characters and worlds. I mean it's kind of amazing to see Sephiroth and Donald Duck battling at the Olympus Colosseum in the same game. haha

Animal Crossing
I've been playing Animal Crossing since the Game Cube days and have played every release since. Everyone has probably heard or played AC now but back when it was on the Game Cube it was a lot simpler and relaxing (it was still addictive back then too, lol). It's amazing to see how far they've come since their first game and now they even have apps. My favorite titles are City Folk, New Leaf, and Happy Home Designer.

When they first announced Splatoon I remember rolling my eyes and that the games were "for kids" but when we bought the Wii U we bought the bundle with Splatoon and after a few sessions I was obsessed! When it comes to video games I love the story mode because it's like an interactive movie that you can control but with Splatoon I prefer playing the multiplayer and can care less about the story mode. Splatoon 2 is even better in my opinion.

The most recent game to make my favorites list is Overwatch. I've never been someone who enjoys shooting games but Overwatch is much more than a shooting game, in my opinion, it's a lifestyle (as cheesy as that sounds). Similar to Tekken, Overwatch contains a variety of characters with different backgrounds that come together in one game. Not only that but the community of Overwatch is really supportive, creative, and positive (for the most part). I made a huge guide on Overwatch which you can read about here where I go more in-depth about the game.

Games That Changed My Life
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  1. Yes, Pokemon and Animal Crossing are my life still 🙌 I started playing AC back on GameCube too, it's hard to believe that was over a decade ago 😭 Also, I feel you on the cute Pokemon thing, that's all I ever cared about 😂 but now I like to catch every Pokemon I can!

    1. I don't have the patience to catch all the Pokemon but I try! haha ♥

  2. Since you like RPGS I would highly recommend the Dragon Quest series (It is my favorite gaming series of all time!) I also recommend Fantasy Life for the Nintendo 3DS. <3

    1. A lot of people I follow have mentioned Dragon Quest but I don't know much of the game. I'm gonna check it out! I've have Fantasy Life and love it! ♥


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