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Monthly Goals ♥ May 2018

Monthly Goals
Last month I started posting monthly goals again, this time only focusing on fewer and more realistic goals. To help achieve your goals I recommend writing down your goals and put them somewhere you walk by or see often, like a bulletin board or planner. This motivates you and makes you want to accomplish said goals. Let’s see whether or not I was successful with my April goals and what I want to do this month.

April Goals
Eat Healthier
I've been forcing myself to drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables and eat less processed food.

Spring Clean
Throughout April I would tidy small sections of my room but over the weekend I cleanse my room and gave it a proper cleaning.

Update Etsy Shop
Yup! I added two dolls a few weeks ago. You can view them here.

No April Spend
Instead of not spending at all I decided to only make one "me purchase" per week. Doing this helped me save money and make me think twice before carelessly spending. If you're trying to save money I suggest following this method.

May Goals
Focus on new content
In April, I posted a lot of crochet content so this month I want to focus more on non-crochet content. Don't get me wrong I enjoy sharing my passion for crochet with you guys but I don't want to come across as a crochet blogger. With that being said, I will still post 1-2 crochet in May but I want to publish more beauty and lifestyle posts.

Repair my skin
I'm so sick of complaining about my horrible skin that I've finally decided to do something about it. I already tried drinking water, eating healthier, stopped using certain skincare products that I thought could be causing my breakouts, everything! Over the weekend I bought a few new skincare products, cross your fingers one of those products can help improve my skin.

Plank challenge
A few years ago I used to be amazing at holding planks (I once held one for 5 minutes without any breaks!). Planks are an amazing exercise for abs but I read somewhere that planks are great for your arms too, I mean it makes sense since you're holding yourself up with them. I'm very insecure about my arms so any workout that can help tone them, I will attempt. Which is why I decided to take on a plank challenge. I've already started this goal by holding a plank for 1 minute but every week I will add 30 seconds.

Sleep earlier
I'm at the point where I go to sleep at 4-5am which is a new low for me. Don't get me wrong I love the nighttime but I know it's not healthy to sleep this late. My goal is to be in bed at least by 2 am.

What do you want to accomplish this month?

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  1. I also wanna to repair my skin, I had some acnes and my skin got stained

    Xoxo, Meowgical Girl!

    1. I ordered a few new skincare products hopefully these will help my skin. ♥

  2. I love the idea of jotting them down for the world to see and then scoring them out as you complete them. Often I'll think of things I want to do or improve and forget all about checking back in on them...it can be so rewarding.

    I feel like I've had go to bed earlier on my list for YEARS! lol.

    Great blog post, & good luck. I look forward to next month to catch up on how you do. :)


    1. By openly posting about my goals I feel like my readers can hold me accountable. haha ♥


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