Coffee Chat #24

Coffee Chat
#1 Watched The Staircase and Evil Geunis. I always listed to true crime podcasts but I never watch anything true crime related because its easier for me to listen and imagine that type of stuff instead of watching it because I don't want to see anything too gruesome.

#2 I just discovered the Bhooked podcast. It's a podcast about crochet. I've only listened to the two most recent episodes with Storyland Amis and All About Ami but I'm going to go back and hear some of the past episodes on amigurumi and pattern making. Definitely give it a listen if you are a crocheter you can learn a lot of new things.

#3 Can you believe all those Ufufy plushies cost me only $14 with shipping? Last week the Disney Store was having a buy-1-get-2-free (you read right, 2 for free!) and free shipping with all online orders so I decided to take advantage of this deal because I've been really wanting to start a Ufufy collection. They're insanely cute! Surround yourself with things that make you happy!

#4 It was another incredible week in K-pop! MOMOLAND returned Bboom Bboom with 2.0, DAY6 dropped an amazing mini album, SHINee released an emotional set of songs on the third and final part of 'The Story of Light', and much more! Down below I selected my favorite tunes from the week.
DAY6 - Shoot Me
NU'EST W - Dejavu
UNB - Black Heart
SHINee - Our Page (SHINee fans will cry)
ELRIS - Summer Dream

#5 I'm looking forward to getting lost at Michael's Craft Store this weekend. I have a couple things I want to pick up but knowing me I'm going to getting lost in all the creative goodness. Does anybody else feel the way about craft stores?

#6 This week I'm trying out a 7-day workout plan. My body has been one of the top factors as to why I'm struggling really bad with my mental health lately so I'm going to tackle it head-on by working out more and eating healthier. I will explain more in another blog post.

#7 The fact the July starts on Sunday is freaking me out! Someone know how to stop time?

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BT21 Mang Plush ♥ Crochet Pattern

BT21 Mang Crochet Pattern
Can you believe we're almost finished with all the BT21 patterns? Time flies by so quickly! I still remember the first BT21 pattern I crocheted. Anyways, today I'm making Mang. Created by J-Hope. In the making of the BT21, J-Hope had a solid idea from the get-go but throughout the production, they continued to edit his character. I'm glad they did though because I love the end result and the color palette they ended up using for Mang, I think was perfect.

"While dancing, Mang is cooler than ever. Always wear masks."

I've been looking forward to crocheting Mang because he's the most unique character out of all of BT21. But also very nervous because of his unusual shape. The biggest challenge was making Mang's head because Mang has many important features that I had to incorporate such as his horse-shape mask head, heart nose, and mane/tail thing. He was tricky to make but I'm very proud with how he came out and I hope you enjoy this post. lol

BT21 Mang Crochet Pattern
- Light blue worsted yarn
- Blue worsted yarn
- Lavender worsted yarn
- Hot pink worsted yarn
- A scrap piece of black yarn
- H/5.00 mm crochet hook
- G/4.25 mm crochet hook
- Polyfil stuffing
- Black felt
- White felt
- No-sew Glue
- Scissors
- Sewing pins
- Tapestry needle

Ch(s) - chain(es)
St(s) - stitch(es)
Slst - slip stitch
Sc - single crochet
Dec - decrease
(x2) - repeat __ amount of times
[x2] - repeat everything inside __ amount of times

BT21 Mang Crochet Pattern
With H hook and LB yarn
- Magic circle, ch 6 sts. Total = 6 sts
- 2 sc in each st (x6). Total = 12 sts
- 2 sc in each st (x12). Total = 24 sts
- [Sc 6 sts, 2 sc in 1 st (x3)] (x2). Total = 30 sts
- Sc 30 sts (x9). Total = 30 sts
- Dec 1, sc 1 (x6), sc 12 sts. Total = 24 sts
*start stuffing*
- Dec 1, sc 1 (x4), sc 12 sts. Total = 20 sts
- Dec 1, sc 1 (x4), sc 8 sts. Total = 16 sts
- Sc 16 sts. Total = 16 sts
Cut off

With H hook and HP yarn
- Magic circle, ch 6 sts. Total = 6 sts
- 2 sc in each st. Total = 12 sts
- Cc to LB yarn, 2 sc in 1 st, cc to HP yarn, sc 2 sts, [2 sc in 1 sts, sc 2 sts (x3)]. Total = 16 sts
cc to LB yarn
- Sc 16 sts (x2). Total = 16 sts
Cut off, leave a long yarn tail

BT21 Mang Crochet Pattern
With H hook and LB yarn
- Magic circle, ch 24 sts. Total = 24 sts
- Sc 24 sts (x5). Total = 24 sts
Cut off, leave a long yarn tail

With a scrap piece of black yarn add nostrils to Mang's nose. Then sew the nose to the head, stuff as you go. Next, fold down the neck part down and sew around, it should look like a thin donut. Turn the next piece upside down (round part should be facing down), pin with sewing pins and sew down to the head.

BT21 Mang Crochet Pattern
Ears (make 2)
With H hook and LB yarn
- Magic circle, ch 8 sts. Total = 8 sts
- Sc 8 sts (x3). Total = 8 sts
Cut off, leave a long yarn tail

With H hook and blue yarn
- Ch 7, sc 6 sts. Total = 6 sts
- Ch 1, sc 6 sts. (x15). Total = 15 sts
Cut off, leave a long yarn tail

With G hook and blue yarn
- Magic circle, ch 6 sts. Total = 6 sts
- Sc 6 sts (x5). Total = 6 sts
- Dec 1, sc 1 st (x2). Total = 4 sts
- Sc 4 sts (x8). Total = 4 sts
Cut off, leave a long yarn tail

Fold the "mane" piece in half lengthwise and sew along the side closed. While you're sewing create these hair bumps by inserting your tapestry needle all the way up (round part of your fold) and sew a few stitches all the way down so that the stitches weighs down and create a bump, repeat until you have 5 bumps.

Attach the tail at the end of the "mane" piece. Next, pin down the mane part to the side of Mang's head and sew on each side so that the mane securely stays on. Don't sew the tail to the body! Pin the ears next to mane where the second bump is and sew down the ears.

BT21 Mang Crochet Pattern
Body + Legs
With H hook and Lavender yarn
- Magic circle 8 sts. Total = 8 sts
- Sc 8 sts (x4). Total = 8 sts
Cut off (only first leg)

Make the second leg but DO NOT cut off. Attach the second leg by ch 2, slst to a stitch on the first leg. Now you will be creating the body.

- Sc 8 sts, sc 2 flo, sc 8 sts, sc 2 flo. Total = 20 sts
- Sc 20 sts (x10). Total = 20 sts
- Dec 1, sc 1 (x10). Total = 10 sts
*start stuffing*
- Dec 1 st, sc 1 st (x5). Total = 5 sts

Arms (make 2)
- Magic circle 6 sts. Total = 6 sts
- Sc 6 sts (x6). Total = 6 sts
Cut off, leave long tail for sewing

BT21 Mang Crochet Pattern
Time to sew everything together! There is going to be lots of sewing, especially for the head but if you want to save time you can always use hot glue certain parts (like the mane and head). Just be careful because hot glue is permanent, unlike sewing. If you are going to sew I highly recommend using sewing pins to keep everything intact and look at pictures for reference.

Start by sewing the arms to the body. Next, sew the head to the body. What I did was sew the bottom part of the head (not the neck) and sew it to the top of the body. You can choose to either sew or hot glue the end of the mask (neck) to the body but I just left it as is because A. I was lazy and B. to make it appear more like a mask.

With black and white felt cut out various different circle sizes and glue together until they look like Mang's eyes. Glue the eyes to Mang's head and press lightly to secure. You're finally done!!!

BT21 Mang Crochet Pattern
Have you listened to J-Hope's mixtape yet?

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Coffee Chat #23

coffee chat
#1 On Father's Day we went to go see the Incredible 2. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Pixar sequels (or prequels). I would much rather see new ideas presented instead of Disney sucking as much money out of an original idea, that's just my opinion though. Not-so-fun-fact about me, I'm a rather harsh movie critic.

#2 My rolling skills have really improved! I actually used to hate the taste of nori but now I really love the taste! By the way, what would you these, rice rolls? sushi? kimbap? It's just rice and avocado so I don't know what to call them.

#3 I purchased 14-Day Lean and Clean ebook. There is tons of information on weight loss and the vegan lifestyle that I'm excited to read. The recipes seem very simple too. I looked through a few of the recipes already and most don't require too many ingredients.

#4 Have you listened to Beyonce's new album yet? Yes, I don't just listen to K-pop. In fact, I've been listening to tons of new music that isn't K-pop. Let me know if you guys would be interested in a playlist with no K-pop songs.

#6 With the help of my younger sister, I finally unlocked the Octolings in Splatoon 2! I was thinking of posting a review on the game because it's DLC so it could be helpful to those who are interested in purchasing the DLC but haven't made up their minds yet. Should I review Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion?

#7 I forgot what I was going to write here. I remember saying to myself that I would remember and that I didn't need to write it down but obviously I was wrong. This happens so many time and yet, I still haven't learned my lesson.

P.S. Yes those are knitting needles and not chopsticks! I was too lazy to get my actual chopsticks for the photo. hahahaha

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Hello Paper Cat + Sprinkled Pug ♥ Stationery Haul

Stationery Haul
I originally planned another blog post for today but things didn't go as planned so I whipped together this cute stationery haul for you guys because I didn't want to miss another day with no content. With that said, I will be sharing some of my recent purchases from two of my favorite stationery shops, Hello Paper Cat and Sprinkled Pug. These two shops are the ones that I buy from the most because they're affordable and the designs are incredibly cute!

Stationery Haul
Let's start with Sprinkled Pug. I'm still buying the mini sheets that Liz releases weekly. I love the pastel theme of her stickers because they easily fit with my planning style. I ordered some pocky checklists and mini checklists because I use these all the time in my Happy Planner.

The mini sheets I ordered are gradient hearts, lip gloss, open planners, heart sunglasses, makeup brushes. music notes, and Amazon stickers. If you are interested in the $1 mini sheets contact Liz on Instagram. You can always get the full-size sheets in her sticker shop. Use the code YOPUG50 to get 50% off your whole order (no minimum), she has tons of cute stickers in her shop!

Stationery Haul
Hello Paper Cat is one of my favorite stationery shops and I always look forward to their new releases. I love the amount of K-pop stationery they carry. They've improved so much since my first order from HPC.

Let's start with the stickers, I bought the Chibiusa, BTS Fake Love, Pack of Suga, and Goblin sticker sheets. The pack of Suga is such a charming idea. I have a huge crush on Suga so I just had to buy those! I was happy when I saw the Chibiusa bookmark it goes so well with the Sailor Moon bookmark I ordered last time.

How cute are those We Bare Bears page maker and BTS Fake Love page maker! These page makers are very sturdy and can be used as a bookmark without leaving dents. HPC started carrying washi tapes, BT21 washi tape to be exact! This design is currently sold out but they have some other K-pop washi that I plan on ordering next time I place an order.

Elodie is the mascot of Hello Paper Cat. You can see her in various outfits in the shop sold in bookmark, sticker, and die cut form. The Gucci Girl Elodie die cut is probably one of my favorite designs, she looks so chill in her casual clothing.

In my last order, one of the freebies I received was the BTS kawaii cell phone die cut but there are tons of different designs you can pick from, some of those being K-pop groups such as Wanna One, GOT7, Monsta X, and B.A.P which is what I picked because B.A.P is so underrated!

Stationery Haul
I was thrilled when I saw the number of extras my order came with! I knew I was getting the dabbing unicorn and carebear die cuts but she also included a carebear bookmark and Monsta X cell phone die cut. It was so thoughtful, thank you so much Seriya!

Stationery Haul
What's your favorite item?

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Summer Bucket List ♥ June 2018

Summer Bucket List
Summer has unofficially started! I didn't have any goals for June so instead, I wanted to make a batch of goals that I want to accomplish this summer. Three months is a lot longer than one month which is why I added more to my list this time around. I compiled a list of 8 goals that I would like to accomplish this summer.

Get my drivers license
I've been putting this off for such a long time. Back when I went to counseling sessions my counselor encouraged me to take the test again so I would really like to at least try and if I fail at least I can try again.

Start a Stationery-related Youtube Channel
Think RainbowholicTV or Momolovespaper stationery type videos with no talking or face and instrumental music. My only problem is my laptop. From what I heard, videos take up a lot of space on your computer and my laptop is barely holding on, maybe I can find a way to make it work.

Read 3 books
I recently started reading for fun again because it's something I've wanted to do for a while. I'm currently reading Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig and once I finish that I'm going to start Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. My goal is to read a book a month this summer, so three books.

Purchase an iPad or new laptop
Like I said, my laptop is barely holding on. My birthday is in July so I would love a new laptop or even an iPad as a gift. A new slimmer and faster device that I can use to blog so a new laptop would be ideal. However, the reason why I want an iPad is that iPads are so advanced now that it's pretty much like using a computer but with the ability to use apps.

Pen Pals or Snail Mail
Who doesn't like coming home to snail mail? I would love to send letters to people I've met online. Let me know if any of you would be interested.

Crochet fanart
My crochet journal is filled with tons of fanart at the moment. I haven't attempted to crochet any of these designs yet so I've added it to my summer bucket list. My BT21 crochet patterns have attracted so much attention but next month I complete the series so I will finally be able to crochet new projects.

Make Stationery
You guys know by now how much I love stationery so much that I've thought about creating my own. I don't have any fancy equipment though so I'm not sure how I will be able to make this happen but I thought I would add it to my list and put it out there.

Start a new hobby
Or rekindle my passion for a previous hobby. I like to say I have a lot of hobbies but there is so much more I want to do! I have a few hobbies in mind that I'm going to attempt this summer and will get back to you if I end up following through with any of them.

What do you want to do this summer?

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Coffee Chat #22

coffee chat
#1 I've been binge watching episodes of Run BTS! and man I'm falling in love with these boys all over again! Don't get me wrong I've always been a fan of BTS ever since they debuted but over the years other groups caught m attention and when you're a fan of K-pop you can only follow so many groups.

#2 Was anyone else super disappointed with E3 this year? I think the major problem was that many of these companies released news about their new games early so we were underwhelmed. I mean both Square Enix and Nintendo could've waited until E3 to release news about Kingdom Hearts 3 and Let's Go, Pikachu/Eevee instead of releasing news early.

#3 I love this post that Jordan wrote on Why Disney Means So Much to Me.

#4 Yesterday I downloaded the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion. I can't wait to play it this weekend and unlock the octolings!

#5 I turn 25 in about a month and I'm starting to stress out! My birthday has always been very depressing because it usually falls in the middle of summer and everyone usually forgets. This year it's different though because I'll be a quarter of a century old and I feel as if I haven't done anything with my life. It also doesn't help that my mental health has been worsening.

#6 My latest obsession has been watching slime videos on Instagram. To be honest, I never understood ASMR which is why I think many people watch those videos but I watch them because of the appearance of the slime, I can appreciate some good texture, haha. My favorite account is So Sweet Slime, they will be restocking today!

#7 What are some of your favorite blog posts that you've read on my blog? I'm asking because I really want to know what blog posts I should post more. Is there a certain subject you enjoy reading?

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K-pop 2018 Playlist ♥ First Half

K-pop playlist
It seems like every year K-pop becomes more and more popular and that makes me happy because the K-pop music industry is fiercely competitive and it warms my heart knowing some of these groups that may have been working hard are starting to get the recognization they deserve. K-pop isn't the only genre I listen to but it is my favorite and I'm always looking forward to new releases, which happens a lot! In only six months tons of new music was released!

It was difficult to narrow down my top favorite songs from the first half of the year because I didn't know whether to pick popular songs or songs from groups and artists that aren't as well know. I ended up selecting 20 songs that I've listened to the most and would recommend to those who are new to K-pop. I also want to suggest you listen to the full albums from iKon, Stray Kids, Winner, BTS, and NCT U because pretty much all of the songs from these albums are amazing!

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Kawaii Bullet Journal Setup ♥ June 2018

Kawaii Bullet Journal Setup
I can't believe it's been 2 years since I last shared pages from my bullet journal with you all! I have been using my bullet journal on and for but those pages weren't blog-worthy pretty and they contained a lot of personal information. This time I decided to snap some pictures before I started filling in all of my information so you guys can get some inspiration.

I get a lot of inspiration from Rainbowholic. She started a bullet journal this year which inspired me to use my Leuchtturm journal more. To be honest, I don't recommend getting a fancy bullet journal notebook because some can be expensive. Just a plain notebook will do.

Kawaii Bullet Journal Setup
Starting with the cover page. This is actually a piece of paper I glued because the original pages were unused pages from the last time I use my bullet journal and didn't use them so I wanted a clean slate. On the left, I used several strips of washi tape to create a washi page.

Kawaii Bullet Journal Setup
This is the monthly setup. My theme for June was pink, girly, and floral. I added a calendar because they help me remember what day it is. a the bottom is an area for my goals this month.

On the right are all my trackers. I got this idea from Rainbowholic. I used to make a grid style tracker for my monthly habits but I didn't really like how it looked on so I'm trying a separate calendar for each habit this time.

Kawaii Bullet Journal Setup
These are my spending pages. On the left is a spending log, I swear by these! Keeping track of all of your spending is the only way you can save money! Even if you aren't into bullet journaling at least keep a notebook to track your money, doing this really helped me save.

On this page is where I write down things that I really want aka a wishlist. This is my first time adding a wishlist page to my bullet journal so I'm not sure how well it will work. I thought that by adding this next to my spending log it would help focus on a certain item that I want. At the bottom is a tiny sticky note that I glued for my monthly bills.

Kawaii Bullet Journal Setup
That's it! I know I only have a few pages to share but that's because I don't really make fun doodle pages because I never fill in those pages so I stopped making them. haha

Do you keep a bullet journal?

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Coffee Chat #21

Coffee Chat
#1 I hope you enjoyed my 31 Good Things post. Sorry for not really explaining that post but I just wanted it to be upfront and straight to the point. This will be a new monthly feature you can expect every month.

#2 I'm so excited for the new 'Let's Go, Eevee!' game for the Nintendo Switch! Eevee has always been my favorite Pokemon ever since that episode with the Eevee bothers in the first season of Pokemon. I always felt bad that they wanted to evolve Eevee. Does anybody else remember that episode?

#3 After hearing so much news about plastic straws I finally decided to buy some stainless steel straws. I bought this set on Amazon that comes with 4 straight straws, 4 slanted straws, and a brush to clean them with.

#4 20 Things To Tell Yourself When You're Feeling Burnt Out

#5 Last week I mentioned that I started season 2 of Hello My Twenties but I'm totally upset that they decided to replace one of the characters (Don't worry I won't spoil anything) with a new actress. Another character left the group in this season so they added a new character to keep the same number of characters but if two of the actress didn't want to come back shouldn't they have just added two new characters instead of replacing just one? The new actress doesn't even look or sound like the previous actress, which is so confusing! I will continue to watch the show but I will literally be SMH when I see the new actress.

#6 How I'm trying To Support Others Online + Stop Being A Silent Viewer

#7 I relisted my crocheted pinatas in my shop. When I was cleaning my room I found them in a box so I thought I would post them again because I want them to find a forever home. I wanted to give my readers a secret offer so use the code COFFEE to get 15% off your entire Mooeyandfriends order. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram to know when I update my shop.

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Collective K-beauty Haul ♥ First Impressions

Collective K-beauty Haul
I've been buying new skincare products to improve my skin for a few months now. Though I've bought other skincare products the most products I bought were Korean beauty brands. Today I'm sharing these products along with my impressions of the products, so far.

Collective K-beauty Haul
Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream
This is a really popular cream so I decided to check it out. It's really moisturizing! Perfect for autumn and winter but I think it's too thick for summer. When I first started using this cream I noticed it warmed up my skin, like a steam cream but after I started layering multiple products underneath the cream it wasn't as noticeable. Would purchase again.

Skinfood Aloe Vera Soothing Gel 93%
Ulta carries a couple Korean brands, one of them being Skinfood. I've tried Nature Republic's Aloe Vera Soothing Gel but was curious how Skinfood's aloe gel compared. Similar to Nature Republic's aloe gel it's soothing, absorbs quickly, refreshing, and cooling. But the consistency is too watery for me. I prefer the aloe vera from Nature Republic because it's thicker.

COSRX Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser
Foams up nicely. Can be a little bit drying if you lather for too long. I like to wash the cleanser off as soon as it foams up. Wouldn't recommend to those with dry skin.

Collective K-beauty Haul
Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect Oil Cleansing Tissue
I found these on sale at Ulta which is why I bought them. I haven't tried too many wipes from Korean companies but I heard some decent reviews so I had high expectations for these. However, they're extreme oily! Wouldn't purchase again.

Skinfood Freshmade Cranberry Mask - Toning
Found this on sale as well. These masks by Skinfood have been on my wishlist for a while so I was excited when I found out they were on sale. It's amazing! As I mentioned in my May favorites I use it as a sleep pack because it absorbs into the skin. The mask contains these tiny microbeads but they quickly dissolve when applied to the skin.

Shiseido Facial Cotton 
I bought these thinking they were those multi-layered cotton pads that many K-beauty brands. However, I was wrong. These are easy to spread cotton that you can use to hydrate your skin. I like to drench these in the aloe vera gel and apply to my skin after a long workday.

Collective K-beauty Haul
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May 2018 Favorites ♥ Beauty + Lifestyle

May 2018 Favorites
Can you believe we are halfway through 2018? Well, a new month means another slew of monthly favorites. Today I'm sharing my favorite beauty and lifestyle items from the previous month.

May 2018 Favorites
Crochet/Art Unicorn Journal
I've been using my unicorn notebook from Michaels a lot recently so it's made it into this month's favorite post. The pages inside are rainbow colored pages on the inside! My intentions with this journal were to use it for crochet sketches but its doubled as an art journal because I just insert my drawings of projects I want to crochet but who knows if I will. haha

Bunny Sticky Notes
These sticky notes were supposed to be a freebie with my Oh So Fawn order but they weren't in my parcel when it arrived. I message Abby who runs Oh So Fawn and she happily sent them to me with a free bunny die cut. I've been using them ever since!

Sailor Moon Magnetic Bookmarks
Another stationery item I wanted to include are these adorable Sailor Moon bookmarks from Hello Paper Cat. I love the illustration and pastel colors, plus they add an extra cuteness to my planner.

May 2018 Favorites
Skinfood Freshmade Cranberry Face Mask
These Skinfood masks have been on my wishlist for a while but I was able to find the cranberry on sale at Ulta. I've been using this as an overnight mask because the gel-like consistency is comfortable to sleep with. When I wake up my skin feels incredibly soft! They have a couple other variations, I definitely plan on buying more.

Pacifica Sun + Lip Care SPF 30 Mineral Clear Peach
With Summer among us, I wanted to pick up a new lip balm with SPF to protect my lips from the harsh sun rays. I take suncare very important I even made a whole post about it here. I didn't know it contained color but it's very subtle. It adds a beautiful wash of coral to my lips.

MoonStone Fragrance Mist
I found this fragrance mist on sale at Bath And Body Works. The scent is tranquil with a blend of Bergamot, Muguet, and Lunar Musk. I just wished the scent lasted longer. It's a travel-size so it fits perfectly in my handbag.

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream
I wanted a new BB cream so I went down the Amazon rabbit hole and came across the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream which I bought. The coverage is a light/medium but it's buildable, you don't need concealer but I still add some because of dark circles. It also gives my skin a nice glow without it looking too greasy.

May 2018 Favorites
'Bad Boy' Red Velvet Print
Can I go one month without buying a print from Vickisigh? Apparently not. I couldn't pass up this lovely Red Velvet print though, they're one of my favorite K-pop girl groups, I can't wait it display it in my bedroom.

May 2018 Favorites
What are some of your favorite items at the moments?

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31 Good Things ♥ May 2018

31 Good Things
1. Cleaned my entire room. I love spring cleaning!
2. Started studying Korean again.
3. Won Cate's giveaway and received the cutest Goblin notebook.
4. Found the cow squishy from Smooshy Mooshy.
5.  Improved my skin! Skincare routine coming soon.
6. Found a new bb cream that I just adore! Will share in my May favorites.
7. Started incorporating the daily Tone It Up moves into my workout routine.
8. Pink Mercy skin revealed on Overwatch. Proceeds went to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
9. Ordered the matching Pink Mercy skirt.
10. Posted about my Travelers Notebooks. I love how the photos came out.
11. Went to my first consoling session.
12. Made a sale in my Etsy shop.
13. Watched Avengers: Infinity War.
14. Thankful for multiple compliments on my BT21 crochet patterns. Thank you!
15. Received the most adorable meerkat box that contained new skincare.
16. Started drinking iced green tea soy lattes from Starbucks again.
17. Organized my makeup collection.
18. Perfected the puppy eyeliner look.
19. The Royal Wedding.
21. Managed to get a Red Velvet print by Vicki.
22. The Overwatch Anniversary event.
23. Bought my favorite candle from Bath and Body Works, Summer Boardwalk.
24. Finally found some oat milk! Why is it so difficult to find oat milk?
25. My younger sister graduated from High School!
26. Look into some beauty schools that I'm interested.
27. Caught up on And That's Why We Drink podcast.
28. Made a lot of new Crochet/art journal entries, will share soon!
29. Our wifi connection started working again.
30. Binged watched the recent season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
31. Drank some taro boba with my sister.

What good things happened to you in May?

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Coffee Chat #20

Coffee Chat
#1 A new thing I've been trying to incorporate into my life is to organize something when I'm feeling lazy or upset. It can be anything! Computer files, nail polishes, stationery, books, etc. I recently organized my Pinterest boards. When I first signed up I was obsessed with Pinterest but when they changed the algorithm I found it really annoying and lost interest. Anyways, I updated my page so go take a look and give me a follow because I still somewhat actively Pin.

#2 Can you believe it's almost summer? I have a love and hate relationship. I hate the weather but I love to produce summer content for my blog, it's the only thing that keeps me going during summer. Let me know if you have any requests.

#3 I really loved Kaila's post on how she created her own luck. She really inspires me to chase after my dreams and the post was released at the perfect time because I was having a really crappy day. Seeing baby Kaila was super cute too! hehe

#4 Another post I really loved reading was this post on how to get stuff done when you're in a serious funk. Like I said, I haven't been feeling well and this post was definitely helpful.

#5 The new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was released this week and guess who binged watched it? Me! I'm so sad that they decided to make this the last season and cut the episodes in half.

#6 I also started watching Hello My Twenties on Netflix. It's this Korean drama about the lives of five girls who are housemates and how they battle their twenties. The acting isn't the best but I think it's a realistic portrayal of how girls act when living with each other.

#7 I'm going to work on my About Me page this weekend. What would you guys like to know about me?

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