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Stationery Heaven Co + Whimsical Cat Studio ♥ Etsy Haul

Etsy Haul
It's been quiet around here, hasn't it? Well, if you don't follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you may not know that during my trip on Florida my laptop decided to break down, as did I. I tried to fix but sadly couldn't revive it. Thankfully my parents offered to buy me a new one as my birthday gift this year (talk about perfect timing). However, when my laptop came in the mail it wasn't what I wanted so we're currently in the process of returning it. It may take another week or two until I will be able to get a new laptop so instead of missing another week of blogging I'm going to attempt to blog on my sister's laptop.

My sister's laptop isn't the fastest but it gets the job done. Another problem I found using this laptop is that it doesn't come with a default photo editing program (Fun fact: that's how I edited my blog photos before) which makes editing blog photos difficult but thankfully I found another way to edit my photos. I'm still getting used to this new photo editing software so let me know what you think of the photos.

This post was supposed to go up the following Monday when I returned from my trip but due to technical difficulties, I was forced to postpone it. But late than never, right? Today I have a stationery haul from two Etsy shops that I really admire, Stationery Heaven Co, and Whimsical Cat Studio. I've bought from Stationery Heaven before but this was my first order from Whimsical Cat Studio. Let's take a look at what I ordered!

Etsy Haul
Let's start with Stationery Heaven Co first. Like I said I've ordered from them before so I knew what to expect in terms of shipping and processing time, it took almost a month! The packaging is super adorable though and makes up for the shipping time, well in my opinion it does. hehe

I order a bunch of die cuts and three sticker sheets but I received a lot of extras. Included with my order were two free die cuts, two sticker samplers, and a sampler from a shop called Paperkumaco.

Etsy haul
The die cuts are made with sturdy matte cardstock paper so you can keep in your notebooks or whatnot. I actually didn't realize that one of the freebies was the same unicorn die cut until after my order was shipped if I knew I would've known before so I could've gotten another one instead because I don't need two of the same design but at least they're different sizes.

Etsy Haul
The next shop is Whimsical Cat Studio. Their stickers are a bit more expensive so I waited to purchase from this shop until they listed there Oopsie bags because they're only $10 for 10 stickers, talk about a deal!

Etsy Haul
My order also came in a cute booklet like my other order. I will probably save these and use as a cover for a sticker book or something. I also received lots of freebies with this order.

Etsy Haul
The oopsie sticker bags came with 10 random sticker sheets with your choice of hair color. I choose the black hair girl because I have black hair. I was really happy with all the sheets I received. My personal favorites are the yoga, workout, mask and coffee stickers!

Etsy Haul
What are your favorite sticker or stationery shops?

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  1. Every single item here is ADORABLE! This post is really making me want to go out and buy a heap of stationery, these really are super cute 😍 I particularly like the "enjoy the little things" design, as that is definitely what I live by 💕

    1. Isn't everything cute? I also live by that "enjoy the little things", the little details of everyday life are what keep us going. ♥


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