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5 Beauty Travel Hacks/Tips ♥ Summer 2018

5 Beauty Hacks/Travel Tips
I don't travel very often but when I do I go on family road trips. Over the years I picked up a couple of beauty travel hacks that I thought I would share since many are going on summer vacations at the moment. Hopefully, you learn something new and remember when you're packing for your next trip.

5 Beauty Hacks/Travel Tips
Makeup Brush Cleanser
Use your facial cleanser to clean your makeup brushes and sponges. I don't think any of us regularly clean our brushes as much as we should but I think it's especially important to clean your beauty utensils when you're traveling because there could be a lot of germs. Double up your cleanser by using it to clean your face and brushes while traveling.

DIY Cushion
I love using cushions because the application is quick, easy and travel-friendly. If you don't have a cushion why not try making your own? Read more about creating your cushion here and make a DIY kawaii cushion case for your cushion.

Clear Makeup Bag
If you travel by airplane often then I think this is required (I rarely travel by air) but keeping your makeup in a clear bag is really handy because you can see what's inside without unzipping the bag. I got this semi-cleat bag with ice cream illustrations allover from Forever 21.

5 Beauty Hacks/Travel Tips
Multi-purpose Wipes
Makeup Wipes can be used for various purposes but I personally like to use them as body wipes. Sometimes I work at night, that's when these come in handy. I personally like the Black Sugar Skinfood Perfect Oil Cleaning Tissues because they contain oil so they're extra moisturizing and smell amazing!

Facial Sponge
Sometimes when you're traveling water isn't accessible that's when a cleansing sponge comes in handy! Drench the sponge with some water, wet face, cleanse, and repeat. If you have limited access to water or maybe the bathroom isn't the cleanest try using a facial sponge.

5 Beauty Hacks/Travel Tips
Share one of your beauty travel tips down below!

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