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Coffee Chat #29

Coffee Chat
#1 My new laptop finally arrived! It's a MacBook Pro and we bought it used so it isn't a new model or anything but I'm very happy with it so far. This is my first MacBook so if any of you have any tips that would be very helpful.

#2 Go follow my second Instagram account. I'm going to start using that account to show more of my crochet projects and everything shop related. Since I started listening to the B.hooked podcast it's inspired me to take my crochet work more seriously. I don't want to bombard my main IG account with crochet posts so I'm going to use my other account to show my love of crochet, go follow it if you're interested.

#3 I got some of my results from my visit to the doctor last week. They said I have to take iron supplements because I have mild anemia. I still have one more appointment scheduled for next week and need to get results from the tests I took last Friday. Hopefully, those results will explain my heart and stomach pains.

#5 Less than a week to enter my BT21 giveaway! Go enter if you would like to win a BT21 plushie handmade by me!

#7 I have never been someone who wants super white teeth because I think that look looks unnatural. Sometime last week after I finished washing my teeth I noticed the looked stained which is probably due to my obsession with coffee. So I bought a charcoal toothpaste and guess what? It works! I've only used it for less than a week and have already noticed results!

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