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Top 15 K-pop Summer Songs ♥ Summer 2018

Summer K-pop Playlist
Summer is slowly starting to simmer down so I'm going to reflect and share my favorite K-pop songs of summer 2018. A lot of groups and artists made comebacks these past few months most were meh in my opinion but there were a few songs that really stood out to me. In my opinion, the artists that aimed for a summer concept because I feel like they were trying too hard and the songs that tried a different concept and stood out were my favorite. Not saying that all songs with a summer concept sucked just that they were forgettable, a least to me. Anyways, I put together a playlist featuring my top 15 summer songs of 2018. Last year I did something similar where I talked about some of the songs and videos but this year I decided to just publish a playlist. Let me know which style you prefer.


  1. My favourite summer song for the past few years has been Nine Muses' Hurt Locker. That and AOA's Heart Attack! haha I love happy summery songs far too much!


    1. Love those songs! F(x) Hot Summer will always be my #1 summer song! ♥


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