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Coffee Chat #34

Coffee Chat
#1The foot peel update: They started peeling! The day after I posted last week's Coffee Chat my feet started to peel. Throughout the week parts of my feet kept peeling. Most of the peeling has stopped now and tomorrow is the last day of the two weeks so I think the foot peel is finished. As for the results, I wouldn't say my feet are softer but they're smoother. Overall, I wish they would've worked faster and gave me better results.

#2 Last weekend we got wood floor installed upstairs in our house. They still haven't done my room so I have to wait another week or two until I get wood flooring in my room. I can't wait!

#3 My family is leaving me alone a week and I have a couple days off work! I love me some quality alone time so I'm going to use this week alone to do things that I've wanted to new things such try new recipes, watch a few new dramas, and lots of crafting!

#4 Bought some crystals. Now I don't 100% believe in the crystals but I'm open to it. If anybody is into crystals let me know if you have any tips on how to get the best results.

#5 I finally finished Meteor Garden. I felt that they kept stretching the ending. The last 2-3 episodes were basically just replays of the show. The show was pretty cute but I think there were so many unnecessary scenes that made the show longer then it needed to be and tons of oddly placed advertising. Anyways, now that I'm done with this drama I'm ready to dive deep into a new series. Arecommendationsons?

#6 Two DIY projects that are on my list this weekend are a yarn bowl and this Granny square bag. Even though I've crocheted for 10 years I've never made a granny square. lol

#7 Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I don't have an excuse I just haven't felt motivated to publish anything. I've also been brainstorming ideas for Blogtober. If you would love to see anything specific let me know.

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