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Coffee Chat #37

Coffee Chat
#1 Have you guys seen the VT Cosmetic X BT21 collection? I want everything! Speaking of BT21 they released some Halloween merch, including some plushies with the characters, dress up in costumes. I will be posting a crochet pattern later this month but I wished I could have more time to make more of the characters.

#2 I'm in the process of cleaning my iTunes library so I've been listening to old music. I started last weekend and I'm only at the B's! I enjoy making playlists and was thinking of making one with my favorite K-pop from the past or I could make a K-indie or K-rock playlist (I listen to various genres of Korean music, not just K-pop). Would you guys be interested in one of those playlists?

#3 Has any seen YG Future Strategy on Netflix yet? OMG! It's so funny! I highly recommend even if you aren't a fan of K-pop or YG Entertainment, it gives me The Office vibes.

#4 Look at my mini crystal collection! Would you guys like a post on what they are and how to use them?

#5 Some of my current favorite songs. I also updated my blog playlist, check the right side of my blog to listen to it now!
IU - Bii Bii
Roy Kim - The Hardest Part
The Rose - She's in the Rain
Super Juinor - Animals
iKON - Goodbye Road
NakJoon - Still (feat. LUNA)

#6 Earlier this week was Mental Health Day and it couldn't land on a better week because my MH has sucked lately! I just want to stay in bed and sleep away my problems.

#7 Thanks to hurricane Micheal we're finally getting cooler weather in Georgia! Yay! I can't wait to go splurge on some cozy autumn-friendy clothing.

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  1. Nice to see your favourite songs and playlist

    1. Hopefully you'll listen to a few of the songs. ♥


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