Coffee Chat #44

#1 Tomorrow is the first day of December so it's the officially Blogmas season! However, I won't be starting my Blogmas posts until Monday. I will be Monday-Friday all December long for Blogmas and resting on weekends so that I won't go insane like I have in previous years.  Sadly, I won't be doing the 12 days of DIY this year because I don't want to stress myself this year but I will be posting a couple of crochet and non-crochet projects. I hope you're excited!

#2 I joining Rainbowholic's #kawaiijournalingholidaychallenge. I haven't played with my Hobonichi in a while so I think this would be the perfect opportunity to start using it more.

#3 Elsie posted a Holiday Bucket List for the season. A few months ago she posted an Autumn bucket, which I pinned to my dream board. I'm going to replace the Autumn list with the holiday bucket list.

#4 My new favorite Youtube channel is Katnipp Illustrations. Her studio vlogs are so inspirational and makes me want to keep working on my small shop. I know she's an illustrator which is completely different from my medium but anyone with a successful indie business encourages me!

#5 I never had Mincemeat Pies (I'm American so I always thought they contained actual meat lol). However, I found this vegan version and it looks easy so I'm going to add it to my holiday bucket list!

#6 Earlier this week I unveiled a Patreon freebie reward. Go check out my page to see what it is! If you join the $5 tier or higher you will get it added to your first reward. Come and join my Patreon family!

#7 If you are participating in Blogmas here are some Blogmas post ideas. 60+ Blogmas Post Ideas and 25 Blog Post Ideas for Christmas. Leave your blog below if you're also joining Blogmas.

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Autumn Weekly Planner Spread ♥ November 2018

Autumn Weekly Planner Spread
Before I start decorating my planner for winter and Christmas I wanted to share my last autumn spread of the year with you guys. I posted a Halloween spread during Blogtober but I wanted to show you guys how I decorate a normal autumn week without any events.

Autumn Weekly Planner Spread
I use the Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner, the classic/medium size. This is my favorite planner to use because the beautiful designs, the weekly pages offer lots of space for all your tasks, plus it's affordable! Not sure if I should purchase another one for 2019 or try something new. Let me know if you have any recommendations. I like my planners to have vertical weekly layouts instead of horizontal.

Here an overview of my week. I didn't fill in everything because I don't plan my entire week in one go. I fill in everything as I go day-by-day. The top sections are for my to-do lists, in the middle sections I keep track of my blog and Patreon posts, and the bottom sections is where I keep track of my workout schedule.

I lined the bottom and some of the sides with a PSL washi tape I used is from this shop (it's not available anymore though). Most of the stickers I used are from Sprinkled Pug and Oh So Fawn. The pug latte bookmark is from HelloPaperCat. The felt cloud page marker is from LoveNeen.

The pen I use is the 0.38 black Pilot Juice pen. I like using a fine tip to write everything in my planner because it makes my writing neater and as I can write smaller. I also use the colored Pilot Juice 0.5 pens for random doodles.

Autumn Weekly Planner Spread
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Coffee Chat #43

Coffee Chat #43
#1 This week was really busy for me! My entire week revolved around updating my Etsy shop before Friday. This is why I didn't publish any blog posts this week. I will resume my regular schedule next week, which will be the last week before Blogmas starts! Where did the time go? By the way, I'm currently running a 20% off your entire order. No minimum. Sale ends 11/27. Use code 'BLACKFRIDAY'.

#2 When I wasn't working on my shop I was focusing on upcoming my Patreon and Blogmas posts. At times I felt like I was working too much but then I felt like I wasn't working enough. This is something a lot of freelancers struggle with, not knowing when to "switch off". Sometimes, I feel like I'm putting too much energy into something that doesn't pay off as much as I would like it to, which is disheartening.

#3 Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the states. I know my readers are from all over the world so I know most of you don't celebrate it but Thanksgiving is basically the kickoff to the holiday season. There are so many Black Friday sales going on this weekend, it's really overwhelming! A lot of small businesses are also running not-as-insane offers but if you would like to support a small business I highly encourage you to support at least one small shop this holiday season, whether it be online or local.

#4 I listed some of my current favorites songs below. You can listen to these songs along with more on my blog playlist which is located on the side of my blog.
EXID - I Love You
Highlight - Loved
Lena Park - The End
SAM KIM - It's You (feat. Zico)
Rick Bridges - Deuces (feat. Punchnello)

#5 Since the holiday is coming up I thought this post would be useful. I don't go to family events anymore because of the anxiety but I never felt completely welcomed in the first place. Besides, I would rather spend time alone than be around fake people who talk badly about you behind your back.

#6 The cold weather habits skin experts always follow

#7 I'm extending my IKON giveaway another 2 weeks. This giveaway isn't doing as well as I hoped (what? do you guys, not like IKON? They're amazing!) so I'm extending the deadline hoping that more people will join. Enter here.

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Etsy Shop Update + Holiday Sale

Mooeyandfriends Etsy Shop Update
Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating it today! Just wanted to pop on here and let you guys know that I updated my Etsy shop! I added some new coffee cozies, dolls, and some made to order listings. Plus, at the end of this post, there is a code you can use to save some money!

Mooeyandfriends Etsy Shop Update
First off, I listed three new coffee cozies, a fuzzy pink bunny, a furry polar bear, and a Mooey coffee cozy! The fuzzy coffee cozies can fit 16-20 oz take-out coffee cup and the Mooey can fit a 16 oz.

Mooeyandfriends Etsy Shop Update
I also added some 'made to order' listings. I know that a lot of my readers don't know how to crochet so I thought I would turn a few of my past crochet patterns into 'made to order'. You can choose whatever colors you want and I will send you a picture of the finished item and then ship off your order the next day. Some of the 'made to order' include a winter garland, crochet stocking, coffee shop ornament set, tea bag bookmark, and more!

Mooeyandfriends Etsy Shop Update
Since it's Thanksgiving today and a bunch of holiday sales starts today I wanted to treat you guys with a deal as well. From now until 11/27 everything in my shop will be 20% off! Use code 'BLACKFRIDAY". No minimum. Also, between 11/22-11/27 will get a special Black Friday Mooey crochet card included with your order!
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Coffee Chat #42

Coffee Chat
#1 Ahhh! I'm so excited to play Spyro this weekend! I just bought the other day and have yet to play it but if you're wondering what I'll be doing this weekend, I will be playing Spyro!

Fun fact: Last time I played Spyro was around the time BigBang won their EMA! I sill remember because I never heard of BigBang before back then but was so proud that K-pop group won an award internationally so that day I started listening to them and was playing Spyro with my younger sister.

#2 Last weekend, I finally watched Train To Busan which has been on my list forever! I thought it was just going to be a movie about zombies but it made me really emotional! I even cried twice and it takes a lot for me to cry over a movie or show! Some parts were kind of obvious and I kind of got the ending right but there were a lot of curve balls thrown in that I wasn't expecting. Plus, it was nice to see Gong Yoo in a movie instead of a drama for once.

#3 19 signs you're doing better than you think

#4 Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! (and Pikachu) was released today but I promised myself I wouldn't buy both Spyro until I finished one first so I bought Spyro first but you can bet your sweet butt that I will be buying Let's Go, Eevee as soon as I complete Spyro! By the way, have you guys seen the trailer for Detective Pikachu? OMG! I still have mixed feelings about Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Pikachu but seeing the Pokemon almost made me cry. They better include Eevee!

#5 Does anybody else love sweet potato casserole? I love making a vegan version every Thanksgiving! I found this post on the Best Sweet Potato Casserole very informative.

#6 In case you didn't read yesterday's post, I launched my Patreon! You can read everything about my Patreon here. There are a few more days to enter my IKON KONBAT fan stick plush giveaway.

#7 "I used to be embartassed because I was just a comic book writer while other people were building bridges or going to medical careers. And then I began to relize: entertainment is one of the most important things in people's lives. Without it, they might go of deed end. I feel that if you're able to entertain, you're doing a good thing."

Stan Lee

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I Started A Patreon!

I Started A Patreon!
I finally started a Patreon! Ever since I learned about Patreon I've wanted to start my own but was worried that no one would be interested. A few weeks ago I even ran a poll on my second Instagram account and received positive feedback but still second guessed myself. Finally, I just went ahead and published my Patreon for Mooeyandfriends.

What is Patreon you may ask? It's a way for creators to get paid for sharing their creative work online.

The reason why I wanted to start a Patreon is so that I can share more crochet content without annoying those who may not be interested in crochet. This year I've fallen in love with crochet all over again and have received a lot of decent feedback on my crochet patterns and posts about crochet. I still enjoy blogging about beauty and lifestyle but don't want to turn my blog into a crochet blog. Think of it as a second blog where I talk about crochet and sent you some of the things I make!

I Started A Patreon!
Now let's talk about the perks you get if you pledge to my Patreon. I currently only have three tiers available but if I get more Patrons I will add more tiers with more rewards. All rewards are different depending on what tier you pick, the higher the amount the more rewards you get. Down below I listed all the tiers with a better explanation of what you get.

Vanilla Milk - $1
♥ A huge thank you for supporting me!
♥ 10% shop discount code for my shop

This tier is for those who want to support Mooeyandfriends but may not be interested in crochet. You will receive a huge thank you and a coupon for 10% off my Etsy shop.

Strawberry Milk - $5
Everything above +
♥ 15% shop discount code for my shop
♥ Exclusive BTS updates - You unlock behind the scenes updates of future crochet projects that I could be working on for my shop and blog. Photos that I won't post anywhere else!
♥ First look at select blog posts before anyone else - You unlock select blog posts which you can read before anyone else! Eventually, these posts will be published on my blog but it could be weeks or even months later.
♥ A crocheted crochet card - You will receive a 3 x 4-inch crochet card. New designs every month!

In this tier, you will receive everything mentioned in the previous tier plus, a coupon for 15% off my Etsy shop, be able to read certain blog posts, behind the scenes photos that I won't post anywhere else, and a 3x 4-inch crochet card.

Chocolate Milk - $10
Everything above +
♥ 20% shop discount code for my shop
♥ Extra crochet pattern every month - You unlock an extra crochet pattern that won't be published on my blog until the following month!
♥ A crochet surprise!  - You will receive a special crochet something made and designed by me! New designs every month!

In this tier, you will receive everything mentioned in the previous tier plus, a coupon for 20% off my Etsy shop, an extra crochet pattern, and a special crochet surprise!

You can join my Patreon here.

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My Weekend In Numbers ♥ Blogging Edition

My Weekend In Numbers
I haven't posted a day in numbers post in a while so I thought it was about time for a new blog, this time blogging edition! I actually got this idea from Michelle (aka Daisybutter), she made a post similar to this so I made my own version! Hopefully, you'll find this somewhat entertaining.

16 oz of iced coffee ready to get me through a blog session
3 days worth of blog pictures
221 photos I need to sort through
2-4 hours I spend editing a whole post (picture editing including)
1 podcast down
5 times Lucy moved to different spots on my bed
232464 times I got distracted (I get distracted easily)
27 songs I heard in one sitting
51 potential blog post I currently have sitting in my drafts
7-9 of those posts could be for Blogmas
4 of those posts could be crochet patterns
 A 16 oz creamy soy latte
53213 times I thought about shutting down my blog and calling it quits
7 blog posts I read for inspiration
3 am time to go to sleep and finish the rest of this post in the morning
8:45 am I woke up to take the cover photo for this blog post
9 am I started editing the cover photo
9:55 am Revised this blog post
5:57 pm I reread the post for the 3-4 time because I didn't think it was worth posting

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Coffee Chat #41

Coffee Chat
#1 Did anyone seen the League Of Legends opening ceremony? OMG! The K/DA performance with (G)I-DLE  was outstanding! I've got the song stuck in my head all week! I've never played LOL but that song makes me interested in playing. Does anyone play LOL, should I start?

#2 This week Covergirl announced that they're cruelty-free! This now means that Covergirl and Dove, two huge beauty companies are cruelty-free. Earlier this year California passed a law that bans cosmetics by animal tested companies so I'm pretty sure this is why Dove and Covergirl decided to go cruelty-free. It makes me really happy that people finally care about animal testing and I hope that this encourages other huge companies to go cruelty-free.

#3 On Tuesday, I voted for the third time in my life. Out of all the times, I've voted this was the most crowded, I had to wait in line for 30 minutes! This is my mom's second time voting since becoming an official US citizen. It's funny a funny years ago I would say that I don't care for politics but it's really important to keep an eye on what's happening where you live.

#4 I don't watch Youtube that much anymore (click bait and people acting extra for no reason turned me off of Youtube) but I discovered a new Youtube channel called sueddu. The videography of this channel is stunning! I love how relaxing her videos are and have been slowing bingeing the whole channel.

#5 If you click on the 'pattern' tab on my blog then you will notice that I've updated my pattern page. I added some info and organized my patterns into 3 categories, beginner, beginner-intermediate, and intermediate to make things easier for you.

#6 With the holidays coming up I want to add some new products to my shop. What would you guys like to see in my shop? More Dolls? Crochet paintings? New items? I'm always looking for feedback because I always second guess and doubt myself so any type of feedback is welcomed, even if it's negative.

#7 There is still plenty of time to join my IKON Fan Stick Plush Giveaway! By the way, there are so many comebacks happening this month I have no idea who I'm going to choose for this months K-pop fan stick plush.

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Pachimari Plush ♥ Crochet Pattern

Pachimari Plush Crochet Pattern
Over the weekend BlizzCon was held, an annual gaming convention held by Blizzard Entertainment. In honor of BlizzCon, I wanted to crochet something from Overwatch, my favorite and the only Blizzard game that I play. lol

Even though Pachimari resembles a turnip they're actually onions! Pachimari is known in Overwatch as onion creatures, you can see them in the UFO claw machines. Today, I'm going to show you guys how to make your own Pachimari! I made a traditional Pachimari and also pink because I've seen lots of pink Pachimari fanart online so I wanted to make my own.

Pachimari Plush Crochet Pattern
- Cream or pink worsted weight yarn (you pick)
- Green worsted weight yarn
- H/5.00 mm crochet hook
- White felt
-Black felt
- Light pink felt
- Pink felt
- Polyfil stuffing
- No-sew glue
- Scissors
- Tapestry needle
- Sewing pins (optional)

Ch(s) - chain(s)
St(s) - stitch(es)
Slst - slip stitch
Sc - single crochet
Dec - decrease
(x_) - repeat _ amount of times

Crochet Level

Pachimari Plush Crochet PatternTop
With white or pink yarn
- Magic circle 3 sts. Total = 3 sts
- Sc 3 sts. Total = 3 sts
- 2 sc in each st (x3). Total = 6 sts
- Sc 6 sts. Total = 6 sts
- 2 sc in each st (x6). Total = 12 sts
- Sc 12 sts. Total = 12 sts
- 2 sc in next st, sc 1 st (x6). Total = 18 sts
- Sc 18 sts (x4). Total = 18 sts
*start stuffing*
- Dec 1 st, sc 1 st (x6). Total = 12 sts
- Dec 6 sts. Total = 6 sts
Cut off and weave yarn strands

With green yarn
- Magic circle 6 sts. Total = 6 sts
- 2 sc in each st (x6). Total = 12 sts
- Sc 12 sts. Total = 12 sts
- [Slst, sc 3 sts, ch 1, turn, sc 1 st, dec 1 st, ch 1, turn, dec 1 sts. Cut off]
Repeat x3 more times from [x]

Pachimari Plush Crochet Pattern
Sew the body down to the leaves, use sewing pins to hold the Pachimari down. Next, with white felt, cut out a circle for the Pachimari face. Cut out eyes in the black felt, pink felt for the mouth and two blush spots with the light pink felt. Glue everything down with no-sew glue. Press lightly to secure.

Pachimari Plush Crochet Pattern
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October 2018 Favorites ♥ Beauty + Lifestyle

October Favorites
It's that time to share my monthly favorites again. I always think I don't have enough items to make a monthly favorites post but then after I think about it I end up with tons of things that I just have to show you guys! Here are the beauty and lifestyle products that are Michelle approved.

October Favorites
Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint - PK003 Sweet Potato Red
For autumn, I wanted a different lip shade so I went with this brownish berry color or as Etude House likes to call it "Sweet Potatoe Red". I love the formula of this lip tint because it's hydrating and you can build up the color to be bold or just a wash of color.

Canmake Cream Cheek - 07 Coral Orange
I've always preferred cream blushes over powder because they're easier to handle and you can build up the color without looking too harsh. The coral orange shade adds a healthy warmth to my face that makes my pale skin look less zombie.

Sinful Colors - Black On Black
The nail varnish I've been using is Sinful Color's black nail polish. It's just a plain black color but I wore it pretty much everyday in October so it earned a spot in my favorite's posts.

October Favorites
Soap + Glory The Way She Smoothes Softening Body Lotion
I don't think I've ever been disappointed with a Soap + Glory product and this lotion is no different. It's basically the same product as their other body lotions but the scent is different and what makes this lotion stand out, it smells like Starbursts!

Etude House Soon Jung 10-Free Moist Emulsion
I recently stumbled across the Soon Jung line by Etude House which is a line for those with sensitive skin. I found a review that sold me on this product so I bought it right away because I was so excited to try it! I've been using it on and off for two weeks and I love it! The texture is lovely and keeps my skin hydrated all day long! The bottle is very annoying though because it's one of those toner-style bottles where you have to shake the bottle until the product, this is your typical emulsion texture so I have to shake like crazy just to get a little bit of product out. I can't even squeeze the bottle because it's made from a sturdy plastic almost glass-type of a bottle.

October Favorites
Basic Witches: How To Summon Success, Banish Drama, And Raise Hell With Your Coven
To get into the Halloween spirit I ordered this book because it's been on my wishlist since last year and wanted something festive to read for October. Yes, it's somewhat about witches but it's doesn't go that far into the witch culture, it's mainly a self-care book with some history about witches. My favorites sections are the self-help sections but I also love the chapters such as Nail Art to Terrify Men, Magical Excercise, A Ritual for a Relaxing Netflix Binge, Which Pet Should Be Your Familiar?, How to Read Tea Leaves, to name a few.

Missguided Earring Set
In October, I started wearing earrings again. The last time I wore a pair of earrings was when I was in high school, I was very surprised that my holes hadn't closed up! I decided to start off slow and buy small studs and hoops. I fell in love with this set on Missguided because of the pastel colors and it contains tassel earrings, which I adore!

WetSeal Plaid Pants
One thing you should know about me is that I live in leggings, black leggings to be specific. Since last year I've been trying to build up my pant collection though so that I can wear something else other than leggings out in public. I was drawn to these plaid joggers (no longer available online, sorry) because they looked like causal dressy pants. The white stripes on the side give them a sporty look. They're very comfy and can easily be dressed up or down. So far, I've only worn these with a cozy knit sweater and my trusty pair of studded creepers.

October Favorites
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Coffee Chat #40

Coffee Chat
#1 Has anyone seen The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? I love it! It's probably my favorite Netflix Orginal series that I have seen in a while. I highly recommend but be warned there are demons and stuff.

#2 I hope you guys enjoyed Blogtober! I didn't do anything festive just dressed up Lucy in one of her many costumes and watched a bunch of Halloween specials. What did you guys do for Halloween?

#3 Can you believe it's already November? I swear, this year has flown by! I'm really excited for November though because of new game releases! Pokemon: Let's Go Eevee come out mid-November but before the Spyro Reignited Trilogy will be released for the PS4 which I'm equally excited for! I haven't purchased any games in a long time so I'm ready to play something new.

#4 I recently started giving myself leg massages. I read online that it can help improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, reduce fat, and help reduce cellulite. I've been giving myself leg massages every night this week. I think it's too early to notice any changes but if I do I will let you guys know.

#5 I started using my Clarisonic again. I found these Clarisonic brush heads replacements on Amazon for an affordable price. I haven't used my Clarisonic is maybe over a year? I think it's a waste for it to be sitting in dust so I'm going to start using it again to see if I still like it or not. If not, I will be selling it.

#6 This week I joined the Oh So Fawn Pateron. Abby (owner) mentioned that she might close down her shop so I decided to support her because I really love her stickers and I think her shop has such potential! Defiantly check out the So Fawn shop if you haven't already.

#7 It's only November second and the world is throwing up Christmas! WHY! Even the Starbucks holiday drinks are out and they usually don't come out until after Thanksgiving (I know because I'm a Starbucks junkie)! Christmas isn't my favorite holiday which I know may make me sound like a Grinch but I'm just not that into Christmas.

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31 Good Things ♥ October 2018

October 31 Good Things
1 Painted my nails black for the first time in a long time. #emokidforlyfe
3 Mean Girl's Day
4 Snuggles from Lucy after a stressful day of work.
5 Ordered some new clothes for autumn.
6 Shopping for yarn.
7 Finally using sheet masks again after a week of not using them.
8 GOT7 x Liev. So funny!
9 Getting a care package filled with goodies from South Korea from my friend Jenny.
10 New BT21 Halloween wallpaper. It's the little things in life. haha
11 IU's latest music video. I'm a huge IU fan!
12 Played some of the Overwatch Halloween Terror event.
14 Got a iced pumpkin latte and spider donut from Dunkin Donuts.
15 Baked some Halloween cookies. #halloweendiet
17 Started crocheting my first blanket.
18 Cooler weather.
19 Splatoon Halloween event!
20 Received a postcard from one of my pen pals
21 Started watching The Haunting of Hill House.
22 Getting back into using my Happy Planner. Check out my latest spread here.
23 It's starting to look and feel like autumn, finally!
24 Made my second granny square bag.
25 Coming home to tons of packages. #happymail
26 Pizza night!
27 Binged watched some episodes of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
28 Mom back from Mexico and brought me back a sugar skull.
29 Wrote some letters to my pen pals.
30 New IKON KONBAT crochet pattern and giveaway!
31 Listening to a bunch of spooky stories on Halloween.

What was your best highlight in October?

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