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Coffee Chat #44

#1 Tomorrow is the first day of December so it's the officially Blogmas season! However, I won't be starting my Blogmas posts until Monday. I will be Monday-Friday all December long for Blogmas and resting on weekends so that I won't go insane like I have in previous years.  Sadly, I won't be doing the 12 days of DIY this year because I don't want to stress myself this year but I will be posting a couple of crochet and non-crochet projects. I hope you're excited!

#2 I joining Rainbowholic's #kawaiijournalingholidaychallenge. I haven't played with my Hobonichi in a while so I think this would be the perfect opportunity to start using it more.

#3 Elsie posted a Holiday Bucket List for the season. A few months ago she posted an Autumn bucket, which I pinned to my dream board. I'm going to replace the Autumn list with the holiday bucket list.

#4 My new favorite Youtube channel is Katnipp Illustrations. I know she's an illustrator which is completely different from my type of craft but anyone with a successful indie business encourages me.

#5 I never had Mincemeat Pies (I'm American so I always thought they contained actual meat lol). However, I found this vegan version and it looks easy so I'm going to add it to my holiday bucket list!

#6 Earlier this week I unveiled a Patreon freebie reward. Go check out my page to see what it is! If you join the $5 tier or higher you will get it added to your first reward. Come and join my Patreon family!

#7 If you are participating in Blogmas here are some Blogmas post ideas. 60+ Blogmas Post Ideas and 25 Blog Post Ideas for Christmas. Leave your blog below if you're also joining Blogmas.

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