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Coffee Chat #46

Coffee Chat
#1 We had an earthquake! At 4 am, I was all snuggled in my bed then the house literally shook! At first, I thought it was strong wind or someone leaving to go to work but I found out later in the day that it was an earthquake. This was my first earthquake experience and it was odd and for 5 minutes I got paranoid and thought the world was ending but then I fell asleep. lol

#2 Earlier this week I saw on the news that you shouldn't let your children hug or kiss others if they don't feel comfortable around that person. I grew up in a Mexican household and my parents would force me to hug and kiss every relative or friend and if I didn't they would scold me! This really affected me growing up and is one the reasons why I can't go to family events because I feel uncomfortable touching people.

#3 Day6 released their new album and it's amazing! They can't do no wrong when it comes to music.

#4 I caught up on the Two Girls One Ghost podcast so I'm currently looking for a new podcast to binge. There are a couple podcasts on my list but if you have any spooky recommendations let me know.

#5 Speaking of podcasts, I listened to Catherine's episode of The Art Journey. It was truly inspirational! I definitely learned a few things from listening to her episode about developing an art career.  You can listen to her episode here.

#6 I finally organized my Instagram stories after putting it off for a long time. I hate spending too much time on my phone and organizing my IG stories seemed like it a task that would take hours so I kept putting it off. I'm glad that I finally did it and I think my IG page looks better because of it. If you've been putting something off for a while take time this weekend and just get it over with.

#7 We may celebrate the New Year at Walt Disney World. I haven't been to Disney World in a while and have been craving a Disney adventure!

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