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Hobbies That Have Helped My Depression

Hobbies That have helped My Depression
I've been working on taking care of my mental health since the beginning of the year, hence why I started Self-Care Sunday (check out the latest post here). To help relieve my depression I've tried many new and not-so-new hobbies, I tried so many things! Today, I'm going to share my favorite in case you or someone you know might be dealing with similar situations and be looking for a new hobby that is both healthy for your physical and mental being. The best part? It that most of these hobbies are pretty much free that you can start doing after you read this post!

Studies have shown that meditating for a few minutes a day it can reduce stress, control anxiety, enhance self-awareness, improve sleep, lengthen attention span, to name a few. The first couple of times I medicated my mind wandered off but with practice, you will eventually get the hang of it. Just remember to breath. There are tons of apps that you can download to help relax your mind, set a mantra, and peaceful sounds. Or you can just set your phone timer to 5 minutes and sit in a peaceful area of your home and meditate.

Similar to mediation, by practicing yoga there are tons of amazing benefits. Not only are you focusing on breathing but also getting flexible and toned in the process. I like to replace 1-2 days of my workout with a 20-60 minute yoga session.

Out of all the hobbies that I mention in this post, reading has by far helped me the most. I started reading last year but have actively read a few pages a night. My favorite genre is self-help because I love hearing about other people's experiences about their lowest points how they turned their life around, it gives me hope for my life. Let me know if you would like me to make a post on my favorite self-help books.

Writing down your thoughts really helps get whatever is on your mind out of your head and on to paper. Get yourself a journal and start writing down something, anything! A list, poem, short story, song lyrics, a motivational quote, conversation you had, etc.

Hobbies That have helped My Depression
What hobbies do you do?

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  1. Meditation really helps me a lot to, just switching off from the world and watching a movie helps to xoxo

    1. Yeah it really helps me calm down and relax. I really need to do it more though. ♥


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