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Self-Care Sunday | Quotes

Self-Care Sunday
Today I'm sharing some of my favorite quotes that inspire me when I'm feeling down or unmotivated. Some of these quotes are from the Law of Attraction twitter, #88 love life by Diana Rikasari, or Audrey Kitching's Twitter.

"Trust that you are exactly where you need to be in this moment."

"If you have to force it. Let it go. The things meant for you will flow effortlessly."

"I will not get better by hating myself."

"Don't sweat the small things. But hey, some small things actually count."

"Your heart always knows the truth. It's the mind that likes to play tricks on you."

"In happiness there's sadness. In sadness there's happiness. Life's balanced that way."

"Although people might fail you over and over and over again, just make sure that you DON'T FAIL YOURSELF."

"Go out there. Explore. Don't just live in your own bubble and hate the world."

"Real happiness is when you can accept that life isn't always that happy and yet you still choose to smile and move on."

"The decision to be happy is not made for you. It is a decision you make for yourself."

"You own yourself, don't give it away."

"Feel before thinking. Think before speaking."

"Don't live to prove or make a point. Just live and enjoy."

"Save some magic for yourself, don't give everything away. You deserve some miracles of your own."

"It may seem like a big risk to follow your dream, but isn't the greatest risk of all to miss your life?"

"Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it."

"When you keep questioning the universe why it's never with you, perhaps ask why it doesn't seem to want to."

"Sometimes, things happen because they have to. Not for the good, but for the best. We happened. And must be for the best."

Self-Care Sunday
What's your favorite quote?

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