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Reading: Love Your Status: I'm Single and Happy
Planning: I just bought a Wordsworth Planner, I'm really excited to start using it! Does anybody have one?
Watching: My Beauty ID Is Gangnam
Eating: Puffed popcorn because I don't like regular popcorn.
Drinking: Mushroom Coffee
Loving: That beautiful print by Vicki! Join her Patreon if you want an exclusive monthly print and sticker.
Feeling: Unmotivated
Listening: (G)I-DLE - Put It Straight
Celebrating: Happy March 1st! Where did February go?
Excited For: Pokemon Sword and Shield!

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  1. I've never heard of puffed popcorn before! My partner and I are HUGE fans of popcorn - we always have a bowl of buttered or caramel popcorn during our movie nights - so I'll have to keep my eyes out for some puffed popcorn to see if we like that too ☺️

    1. It's just popcorn without the kernels, similar to cheese puffs. I don't like regular popcorn because I would always get the kernels stuck in my throat so I stopped eating it and only eat puffed popcorn now. ♥


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