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Mood/Dream Board ♥ Spring 2019

Spring 2019 Mood/Dream Board
I love sharing what's on my mood board because it's something that I stare at every day because I use my desk every day. I've posted several 'what's on my bulletin board' posts before (links at the bottom of this post) because I like to freshen up my board every season to inspire me. If you've read some of my previous posts than some of the same things may still be on my board and that's because I like to keep some of the same stuff until I get bored looking at it

Spring 2019 Mood/Dream Board
Here is a quick overview of everything on my bulletin board.

Spring 2019 Mood/Dream Board
Starting with the right corner, the Red Velvet print is from Vicki Sigh. You will notice that I have a lot of her artwork. She's my favorite illustrator!

Spring 2019 Mood/Dream Board
On the top center, I keep my Mooey granny square. When you pledge $10 or more on my Patreon you get this added with your first reward. On the sides, are a Chicago bear keychain and a Frozen Anna charm.

Spring 2019 Mood/Dream Board
On the top left corner, are. few cute notes, a postcard of the N Sal tower and keychain from Korea that a friend got me, and, an adorable theme park print from OhSoFawn.

Spring 2019 Mood/Dream Board
On the lower right corner, a Frida charm from Love Neen, a cute D.VA print from Sharon, another print from Vicki, a postcard from Rainbowholic, and a BT21 Van plush keychain.

Spring 2019 Mood/Dream Board
On the lower center is a March calendar that I got from the Target Dollar Spot.

Spring 2019 Mood/Dream Board
On the lower right corner, I keep another postcard from Korea. a Captin American shield that I cut-out from this Advent Calendar (he's not my favorite Marvel character but I loved the colors on the shield), a castle pin from OhSoFawn and an exclusive print by Vicki from her Patreon.

Spring 2019 Mood/Dream Board
Strung at the bottom of my bulletin board is a striped banner that I crocheted (crochet pattern here). I love how much color colorful and cozy it makes my mood board look!

Spring 2019 Mood/Dream Board
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  1. Oh my gosh this is such a cute idea - like having a Pinterest board but in real life! Vicki Sigh is such an amazing Illustrator and one of my favourites, too! I love how you made that calendar super cute with washi tape, and the crochet bunting is adorable. I don't really have space for a board like this which makes me sad...

    1. Awww, thank you! I love Vicki and have several of her prints and stickers. You can always just put up illustrations and inspirational quotes up on a wall and tape with some cute washi tape if you don't have enough space for a bulletin board. ♥


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