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Playing: Overwatch Storm Rising
Watching: Guava Island
Eating: Belvita soft baked biscuits
Feeling: Blah
Listening: I updated my blog playlist so go check it out if you want to listen to some new tunes. It's on the bottom right side of my blog.
Celebrating: Easter (but I'm not religious so I'm not really going to celebrate it. lol)
Excited for: Rilakkuma and Kaoru on Netflix!
Practicing: A recently started a new hobby but for now, I'll keep it secret *wink*

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  1. Am a fan of Gillian Flynn's books and i will have to look for this particular one...

    Glowyshoe's blog

  2. I haven't read any Gillian Flynn yet but I've been meaning to read Gone Girl because of the rave review and most of my friends told me that Gone Girl movie is good. Hmmm but I'm still on a reading slump :(


    1. I haven't watched the movie but I plan on watching it after I finish the book. ♥


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