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30 Wonderful Things ♥ April 2019

31 Lovely Things
1 Started reading Gone Girl.
2 When you see your dog smile while they're sleeping.
4 The new season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. OMG!
5 Watched Unicorn Store, such a wonderful film. 100% recommend!
6 Proud of myself for completing 2 weeks worth of morning workouts.
7 Started taking new vitamins
8 When you understand the material you are trying to learn.
9 The scent of lavender
10 Hippeas, new favorite snack!
11 Fell asleep early
12 Watched BlackPink perform at Coachella (from the comfort of my home lol).
13 BTS on SNL
14 New skincare products
15 Posted a new blog post after not posting for a week.
16 Overwatch Uprising event
17 Posted a new crochet pattern featuring Korilakkuma.
18 Catching Lucy playing outside by herself. She's such a cutie!
19 Rilakkuma and Kaoru on Netflix! So PURE! I've seen it 3 times already!
20 New skincare
21 Easter chocolates
22 Binging videos from my favorite Youtuber's.
23 The joy of starting something new.
24 Coffee and listening to podcasts.
25 Sleeping in on a day you feel really ill.
26 When your dog behaves at the vet.
27 My new scent diffuser.
28 A sudden burst in creativity!
29 When you wake up to a bunch of new episodes of your favorite podcasts.
30 Happy with all the changes I made to my Patreon page.

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  1. I love these kind of posts - they're just filled with so much positivity! I've only watched one episode of Rilakumma and I love it so far.

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

    1. Aww thank you! I've been puting Rilakkuma and Kaoru in the backgroud and it's very calming. ♥


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